GraviTrax from Ravensburger is a slightly different marble run: It offers almost endless set-up options that can be planned and played through beforehand using the app. The ball rolls over the self-designed plastic track with the help of magnetism, kinetics and gravity. It is not without reason that the GraviTrax rail system, which consists of many different individual parts, has been in trend with large and small tinkerers since its publication and is constantly waiting with new extensions.

In the starter version, GraviTrax offers a large number of components, which can also be enlarged by many possible extensions. With the help of the individual parts, different ball track systems can be built and some experiments with gravity can be carried out. In addition, GraviTrax promotes logical and three-dimensional thinking in a playful way and at the same time trains haptics.

GraviTrax marble run overcomes gravity

The more creatively the individual components are used, the trickier it will be to let the ball roll into its target. That makes GraviTrax a real family game. In this way, young players can follow simple track instructions and become more creative step by step. Older players, on the other hand, build spectacular free-style courses with a little practice. Ravensburger sets eight years as the minimum age. Younger players can probably also explore GraviTrax under the supervision of their parents. Without further guidance, however, you could be overwhelmed by the innumerable construction options.

GraviTrax offers a lot: starter sets, app, action stones, books, extensions and a pro version

The starter set of the interactive ball track system contains over 100 different types of components, such as the free fall, the height stones, the vortex and the switches. If that's not enough for you, you can add the six GraviTrax extensions available so far and some action stones to the starter set. The action stones change the course of the balls through magnetism, kinetics or gravity.


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In addition to the fun of tinkering with marble run construction, GraviTrax also offers learning potential. The game wants to show the principles of gravity in a child-friendly way. There is also a game booklet in which these are explained. In addition, the starter set contains some construction plans that are suitable for tinkering with the different parts of the game and as an introduction to setting up the first interactive marble run.

GraviTrax marble run can be connected to an app

The GraviTrax app is available for iOS and Android. With the free app, marble run routes can be planned in the free construction editor and then played interactively from different perspectives. This allows players to try out the craziest creations risk-free. If you have virtual reality glasses and a suitable mobile phone or tablet, you can even follow your balls in "virtual reality" on the self-built track. The lanes can then be shared virtually with friends and set up in the room at home. Support for GraviTrax Pro will follow in spring 2021.

The GraviTrax version for real professionals

The GraviTrax Pro version offers many new, optimized elements and tricky construction options. In this way, the course of the railway can be built on several levels, above and below one another. In addition, the spherical stretches can be led through columns and through tunnels instead of just around the outside as before!

Gravitax extensions offer more building options

The GraviTrax extensions can be combined with each other, so with a little skill you can build a spectacular marble run:

  • The extension trax, allows the player to build longer runways.
  • The extension To build, offers additional base plates and components that increase the number of possible combinations.
  • The extension Elevator, allows the player to transport the balls back up.
  • The extension Tunnel, lets the player build a branched tunnel system in which the GraviTrax balls can disappear.
  • The extension Bridges, helps to connect different sections of the route by bridging.
GraviTrax is a marble run that not only children like! Photo: Ravensburger

GraviTrax is a marble run that not only children like! Photo: Ravensburger

Stunts with the GraviTrax action stones
  • Using GraviTrax Slingshot, players can remove gravity and overcome height differences and obstacles.
  • With the GraviTrax loop, with a little skill and the right swing, balls can be sent through a loop.
  • Using Gaussian cannon, the ball overcomes differences in height and can be rolled even longer.
  • With the GraviTrax Ziplines, distances and large differences in altitude are overcome and sections of the route are connected with one another.
  • With the GraviTrax Hammer, players re-accelerate the balls after losing momentum. So they can roll longer.
  • The GraviTrax Trampoline, lets players overcome gravity. The ball bounces through the path.
  • The GraviTrax Spirals, can be assembled in individual sizes and connect different heights of the marble run with each other. The ball spins around wildly.
  • The GraviTrax jumper, lifts the sphere to a higher level, creating a passage tunnel.
GraviTrax action stones offer spectacular elements for the marble run. Photo: Ravensburger

GraviTrax action stones offer spectacular elements for the marble run. Photo: Ravensburger

  • With the GraviTrax Kaskade, the ball is brought to a higher level and new momentum is gathered.
  • The GraviTrax Transfer, transported the ball in a spectacular way through the track.
  • With the GraviTrax flip, throws the ball backwards upwards and receives a swing blow.
  • The GraviTrax Volcano, shoots the bullets explosively over the rails.
  • With the GraviTrax TipTube, the balls can be collected and stopped before they start rolling again together.
  • With GraviTrax PRO splitter, the player divides the distance of the balls. These can roll towards the splitter from up to four sides. With a little skill, the balls roll over the action stone or they fall through a flap.
  • With GraviTrax PRO mixer, You can roll the balls into a mixer from up to three sides and leave the action stone on a random side.
The GraviTrax book is a helpful companion to the game! Photo: Ravensburger

The GraviTrax book is a helpful companion to the game. Photo: Ravensburger

GraviTrax - The book for fans and professionals

The book "GraviTrax The book for fans and professionals" contains everything that fans of the interactive marble run could wish for. There are 20 instructions for spectacular railway routes, some of which also contain action stones. Each ball track should contain crazy features that can be assembled by yourself.

In addition, the book contains tricky tasks that have to be solved by skillful assembly, as well as a lot of explanations about the components and their functions. Twelve of the lanes should be set up with the starter set, two more with two of the starter sets and the remaining six GraviTrax lanes with one starter set and one of the extensions: tunnel, looping, cascade, flip, tip tube or transfer. Some of the paths shown can be viewed and edited in the GraviTrax app.

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