In the past fiscal year, the Ravensburger Group has grown in all major business areas. Group sales grew by 4,3 percent (currency-adjusted 4,9 percent) to EUR 491,2 million. Ravensburger thus developed more positively than the international toy markets, which largely stagnated. The bestseller among Ravensburger toys in 2018 was the innovation "GraviTrax", an in-house development that was also very well received internationally after its introduction in Germany.

New extensions planned

In Germany, sales at Ravensburger Spielwaren rose by 2018 percent to EUR 6,9 million in 141,9. Their retail sales rose by the same amount - and thus more strongly than the German toy market, which grew by two percent. As a result, Ravensburger improved its market share and ranks third in the German toy market. The company is the market leader in Germany for the product groups of games, puzzles and creative products that are essential for Ravensburger.

At the top of the Ravensburger sales charts in Germany in 2018 was the "GraviTrax" marble run, which was one of the most sought-after toys in the Christmas business a year earlier. With the ball track system, both children and adults can playfully experience gravity and plan, experiment and implement action-packed routes.

The innovative "GraviTrax" marble run has become a top seller for Ravensburger. Image: Ravensburger
The innovative "GraviTrax" marble run has become a bestseller from Ravensburger. Image: Ravensburger

Action stones give the kick, with which you can change the course of the balls again and again using magnetism, kinetics or gravity. Starting in March, Ravensburger is expanding its range to include three new action bricks for new, exciting building and combination options.

GraviTrax Flip

The Action Stone Flip throws a rolling ball spectacularly up one level thanks to its spring mechanism and gives it an additional boost of energy. But every time the question arises again, how much action is actually behind it and how far the ball can make it. For any number of players, ages 8+, 10,99 euros (RRP): Planned for March 2019.

GraviTrax TipTube

The TipTube collects incoming balls in a quiver. As soon as this is full, the tube tilts and lets all the balls roll back together on the track. But how long are the balls in the TipTube stopped before the rapid rolling continues?
For any number of players, ages 8+, 10,99 euros (RRP): Planned for March 2019.

GraviTrax volcano

The action stone Vulkan sets new impulses on the GraviTrax-Bahn. In the event of an eruption, a bullet hurls the three that are in the volcano with force in three different directions onto the track. Due to the volcanic eruption, the balls not only jump far, but also high, providing a thrill along the route.
For any number of players, ages 8+, 10,99 euros (RRP): Planned for March 2019.

Ravensburger has further developed its business in recent years with innovative toys such as tiptoi or GraviTrax.

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