The coronavirus pandemic means that Sony has to adjust its line-up: Gran Turismo 7, the workhorse for the Playstation 5, comes onto the market significantly late. It shouldn't be ready until 2022. That now emerges from an interview with GQ magazine. 

Actually, Grand Turismo 7 should have appeared this year, but one thing is certain: The release of the racing simulation had to be postponed to next year due to the pandemic situation and the associated production challenges. Not all fans will be bothered by this, because there are still bottlenecks in the delivery of the Playstation 5.

Gran Turismo 7: Renn-Simm delayed due to Corona

There were delays in the games market, but developers and publishers managed the situation well overall. Sony is now entering the pandemic: Of all things, one of the draft horses for the Playstation console will now appear late. As can be seen from an interview, the racing simulation had to be postponed due to the Corona situation, specifically Covid-19-related challenges in production were named.

The ongoing pandemic is a dynamic and changing situation that has slowed down some of the core aspects of game development over the past few months GT7 let you know as soon as they become available."


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It is hardly surprising that Gran Turismo 7 is also suffering from the ongoing global pandemic developments. There have already been delays in game productions and it can be assumed that there will be impairments in the coming months. Fans will probably be happy to wait for Grand Turismo 7, especially because not all of them have their Playstation 5 in their hands. The racing simulation series is developed exclusively for Sony's consoles and should therefore also take advantage of the performance functions, including 4K at 60 FPS including ray tracing, as well as the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller.

Source: GQ

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