The French card game Graal is to be published in a German version as Gral under the Mirakulus label. The matching financing campaign is running in the games forge of the games offensive. 

3 to 5 legends of Arthurian legends compete in Gral to become the greatest of all legends. Whoever holds the legendary chalice in their own hands and brings it to the kingdom can be sure of fame. Therefore, they not only try to get rid of all their hand cards, but also discard the Grail as the last card in order to win the game. If you end a round by discarding another card, you can look forward to a quest card instead, which can bring a great advantage in the next round.

Mau Mau for the Holy Grail

If nobody manages to end the game by discarding the Grail within three rounds, a tournament must decide who wins. If you have played all of your own cards in this final, you can throw someone else out of the game, but then you must continue playing with their cards. Whoever is the last standing cannot claim to have found the Grail, but nevertheless secured a prominent place in the sagas.

The mechanics based on Mau-Mau allow a quick start into the game, which gains in depth with the skills of the characters and the duels.

Anyone who wants to support the Grail project can still do so until October 6th in the game forge do and thus contribute to an improved map quality. You can also secure your own copy of the card game directly. Some fans have already struck: the financing goal has already been reached, the stage for printing the cards in premium quality is open. A target amount of at least 2.000 euros is required for this. The investment costs are low – you can join the Gral campaign for twelve euros. The card game should then be delivered in February 2023. 

Mirakulus is the label with which complex games and beginner games "of different styles that don't fit into any category" are to be implemented. Most recently, this was the case with Flick of Faith or with the expansion. The Flick of Faith - Cherry Blossom expansion now brings three new gods from Japanese mythology for fans. Raijin & Fujin compete in a double pack, Ryujin shakes up the archipelago alone. Among other things, the new deities have new law cards in their luggage. This is joined by chopsticks and a torii, which come into play through some of the laws. In addition, there is of course a new color, this time the characters are white. But that's not all: thanks to the new game colour, a six-player game is now also possible, in which everyone can play against each other or in a team game. There are also challenge cards in the expansion that enable a cooperative game mode.

The campaign for Grail is one of several currently active in the game forge. Also active are Origins: The Wonders of the World and Abomination, both already on target. However, supporters will still support the Posthuman saga as well In the light of the crescent moon (Crescent Moon) wanted.

One of several projects

Above all, Taverna Ludica Games are still looking for support for their new Posthuman Saga project in the game company. In Posthuman Saga, up to four people immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world in a combination of tactical Eurogame mechanics and an adventure story. There they each want to prove themselves in the wilderness in order to secure a permanent place behind the protective walls of a fortress, as part of the local community. To do this, they explore the terrain, fulfill mission objectives, defeat opponents and experience the world through encounters in the story.

In addition to the base game, two expansions, Resistance and Homecoming, are also part of the project, as is a box of deluxe materials. As a thank you for your support, two mini expansions can be added for free by reaching improvement goals. So if you want to participate in the success, you can start the project Taverna Ludica Games until September 22nd support in the game forge and secure everything from the basic game to the all-in package. 

Subscription, on the other hand, is already a success: the target of EUR 10.000 has been exceeded by around 100 percent. Corax Games will release the macabre worker placement game Abomination in an improved version in German. In Abomination - Frankenstein's Legacy by Dan Blanchett, 2 to 4 people take on the role of scientists trying to repeat Doctor Frankenstein's experiment. To do this, they first have to get body parts from people and animals in cemeteries and hospitals in order to then patch them up and bring them to life. In search of suitable parts, they can also lend a hand in the dark alleys of Paris. This goes hand in hand with the loss of one's own humanity, but this can also be restored with voluntary work in the hospital or through penance.

Corax Games want to implement a revised version of the Prometheus variant of the game. The aim is to improve the flow and streamline the game after many critics had criticized the too long playing time of the original.

Anyone who would like to immerse themselves in the dark atmosphere of Abomination - Frankenstein's Legacy and is not deterred by the macabre theme or the more realistic sight of corpses can do the project until September 23rd in the game forge support.

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