The role-playing game Farathan from the development studio of the same name is entering its final phase on Kickstarter: Less than three days remain to drive the role-playing game to a successful financing level. That is still a long way from being reached. The Polish developers were able to generate around two thirds of the targeted sum of 15.000 euros with their campaign - that would not be enough for a successful conclusion. All hopes are now on a furious final spurt. By the way: the campaign won't damage the release even if it fails.

Farathan is supposed to be a Gothic-like role-playing game, this is how the developers promote their work themselves. The comparison is ambitious, after all, the Gothic series is one of the most successful German video game productions. There is a certain similarity to the action role-playing game once developed by Piranha Bytes. Behind Farathan, however, there is an ambitious developer duo who have worked on the story for around ten years and want to integrate over 300 hand-picked quests into the RPG.

Farathan Development: From gamer to developer

Farathan is kind of a fan project, but at the same time more. The "Dark Age" fantasy setting with a medieval twist is a classic that worked for Gothic - and could work for Farathan too. In order for this to work, Daniel and Patricia need the money from the "swarm".

With Kickstarter is running the crowdfunding campaign for Farathan, solid for a small project, but not yet reached the target point. The two creative minds have set a brand of around 15.000 euros, and almost 180 fans have so far pumped a little over 10.000 euros into the project.

Farathan pre-alpha gameplay:


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Basically Farathan is reminiscent of the classic role-playing game Gothic, but also uses games like The Witcher or Two Worlds. The story focuses on the ruler's son, who after an accident and the disappearance of his father Eristan, has to fight through an approaching civil war to unite the country. So far, so classic.

What then follows is a non-linear story full of twists that players can influence through their choices. The developers give more than 100 hours of game time for the action role-playing game.

The money generated through the crowdfunding campaign should primarily flow into the synchronization, i.e. the voice-over and lip-sync. That alone shows how ambitious the developer duo at Farathan is. The goal: to offer the players a role-playing game that lives from its atmosphere.

Should the Farathan Studios take in more than the targeted 15.000 euros, the excess will be put into further project steps, such as porting. It is currently planned that Farathan will be released for PC and Playstation 5 - probably on December 22, 2021, just in time for Christmas time.

The setting is classic medieval fantasy, but "Dark Age". Image: Farathan Studios

The setting is classic medieval fantasy, but "Dark Age". Image: Farathan Studios

The video game is at an advanced stage, with the Kickstarter campaign the main aim is to finance a remaining amount so that the action role-playing game can appear in its entirety - the developers mean quests that are set to music.

What if the crowdfunding fails? Even then, Farathan is expected to appear on the targeted December date. The action role-playing game is listed on Valve's gaming platform Steam and can be added to the wish list there. Information about the game is also available at

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