Google has announced the date for the release of the new streaming service Google Stadia: it will start on November 19th. The company also announced the start time as part of a live stream. Accordingly, it should be possible in this country from 18 p.m. to officially use Google Stadia. The game streaming service should then make modern video games usable on almost all end devices.

Google Stadia is not without controversy, but quite a few gamers are also pleased with the release of the new game streaming service. Fans no longer have to wait long. Google plans to make its ambitious product usable as early as November 19th. Not much is needed to get the cloud gaming service up and running: just one of the Stadia starter packages, which the Founders Edition is already out of stock.

Google Stadia starts with top titles

 At the start there are some top-class titles on the starting line, including Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11 or Destiny 2. Bungies Shooter is part of Stadia Pro. So if you have pre-ordered the Founders Edition or the Premiere Edition, you will get access to Stadia Pro and thus also to Destiny 2 for three months.

Pre-orderers should receive their devices in the order in which they were ordered. So if you secured your Google Stadia early on, you should also be one of the first owners. The activation codes will then also be sent. 

The Stadia controller should basically work wirelessly - but not yet at launch. Image: Google (Youtube trailer)

The Stadia controller should work wirelessly - but not at launch. Image: Google (Youtube)

With the cloud gaming service, Google wants to enable game streaming in resolutions up to 4K including HDR and with 5.1 surround sound. With the special Stadia controller, the titles should then be able to be used on many different devices. Regardless of whether it is a TV screen, tablet or smartphone: every modern device that has a screen should basically serve as a gaming platform. However, this will not be possible right at the start. In its livestream, Google has pointed out restrictions that will be in place when the Google Stadia is released.

Games don't need to be downloaded or installed, but you can buy them. Image: Google (Youtube)

Games don't need to be downloaded or installed, but you can buy them. Image: Google (Youtube)

On most platforms, including Android, PC or MAC, the Stadia controller will initially only work with a wired connection. Google has that compared to the magazine The Verge uttered. On the other hand, Google's Chromecast Ultra, which can be connected to televisions and costs around 80 euros, is controlled wirelessly. The necessary cable is included in the starter package.

So at launch, it won't be possible to easily switch between devices just to be able to continue playing - a promise that Google has made for the Stadia service. Google now explicitly points out that for the launch "Wireless play with the Stadia Controller only supported on a TV with Chromecast Ultra" become. In addition, only HID-compliant controllers that are connected to Google Stadia via USB will work. In general, STadia will initially neither run on iOS nor on Android devices, only the in-house Pixel smartphones support the service. 

In the current trailer, Google gives information about the start of the service:

In the months following the release of Google Stadia, Google will have a lot of work to do to keep all the promises made in advance. After all, fans can see for themselves from November 19 how good the basic idea behind the game streaming service is. All pre-orderers of the Founder's Edition have access, the general release is planned for the coming year. The controller for Google Stadia costs just under 70 euros.

Google Stadia: Base is good, Pro is better

Basically, the Stadia service is divided into two. Users can choose between a basic version (Stadia Base) and a Pro version (Stadia Pro). While the basic version is free, "Stadia Pro" costs around ten euros per month, but there are no quality restrictions. "Base" displays games in a maximum of 1080p and with stereo sound. In addition, games always have to be bought separately.

If you want more, such as 4K HDR and surround sound, you have to pay. For this, games are then also included in the subscription, among other things at the start Destiny 2 including previously published content. However, more games are to follow. 

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In terms of price, the games should be based on the commercially available ones and not deviate noticeably upwards, but not downwards either. If a title costs around 40 euros in the Xbox Store or Playstation Store, the game will also cost that much for Google Stadia.

The Founder's Edition (already sold out) and the Premiere Edition each contain three months of "Stadia Pro". The Premiere Edition costs 129 euros and will be available until June 2020. The bundle includes a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra. 

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