Already as God of War for the PS4 appeared, the game makers made great promises. So the last part of the game series should be the beginning of a new trilogy that stands out from the previous games. These changes were already noticeable in the latest game, because Kratos not only changed his look, but also entered a completely new setting. But what will the upcoming game have in store for the PS5? We have obtained the first information!

Fascination with the mythology of Greece

An important component of the God of warGame series consists in the type of storytelling. The series has been based on real mythology since the first title and has since incorporated various stories of the gods into the plot. As a despised warrior, Kratos wants to take revenge on the Greek gods for his fate and to do this he has to advance to Olympus. The players then accompany him in this endeavor and fight their way to their goal.

"God of War" regularly creates real hype. Image: Bago Games

"God of War" regularly causes real hype. Image: Bago Games

Greek mythology in particular provides a seemingly endless source of great stories as it tells of timeless subjects such as courage, love, vengeance and death. Numerous films including epic titles like 300  and war of Gods, therefore like to act in ancient Greece.

The former can be streamed on platforms such as Netflix, for example. Also among the games is God of War Not alone with its setting, because successful games like apotheon or the popular war MMO Sparta: War of Empires, dealing with the historical struggle of Sparta also take place in the said country. The latter can be done on a special Plarium Play platform for gamers, using a pc game launcher can be easily installed and played for free. Different genres can be perfectly combined with the ancient mythology and enable strong stories and true heroes.

But not only ancient Greece has a lot going for it, like the newest part of God of War skillfully proves. After Kratos has defeated all the Greek gods, he has to look for a new challenge. And so it ends up in the middle of Nordic mythology. 

New title for PS5

Shortly before the Christmas holidays 2020, the time has finally come: The PS5 appears on the market and with it some great game titles. A new God of warPart of it is already safe. The game makers have already shown in a few tweets that motion capture technologies will be an important part of the process and that work has already begun. So you can look forward to great graphics - as expected!

The story starts at the end of the predecessor and will most likely start again with Kratos and his son Atreus. What we already saw in the last game is a vision of Atreus in which Thor himself tries to take revenge on Kratos. For what? Clearly: Kratos has beaten his two sons. Odin will also face the fight. Another detail that game makers have already announced is that Ragnarok will be a subject of the game. According to the blog Die-Gö stands for Ragnarök for the downfall of all main gods. However, this will not happen so quickly, because a third part is also supposed to take place in Nordic mythology. Whether after the two following parts end with God of War is not yet known. Maybe Kratos is looking for a new mythology after destroying the north?

A new part of the game series God of War was announced for the PS5. So it's clear that the game won't be out before the end of the year. But we can get ready for a real spectacle, because the end of the world is imminent!