Has God of War Ragnarok suddenly become a bad game? No, you can give the all-clear right away. The action-adventure hasn't lost any of its quality - but the title recently fell victim to a review bombing attack on Metacritic. 

The PlayStation exclusive game God of War Ragnarök received terrific reviews from critics, and the video game was also extremely well received by fans. Now the title is being bombed on the Metacritic review platform. It rained a few zeros recently. Why? That is completely unclear. 

God of War actually contender for "Game of the Year"

God of War Ragnarök launched last month to great applause. On Metacritic, the title was highly praised by reviewers. There were top ratings, several times the maximum rating. This puts the title in second place for the "best games of the year", right behind the blockbuster game Elden Ring. 

And although God of War Ragnarök received such good reviews, the game is now suddenly the victim of so-called review bombing. This means an increased number of submissions of lower or even the lowest rating on a platform. On Metacritic, this is 0 on the scale from zero to ten in the user ratings. If the average rating in the trade press is 94 - or, for better comparison, 9.4 - the user rating has meanwhile dropped to 7.9. The version for Playstation 4 is even 6.1.

This no longer corresponds to the praises sung loudly at the start. The game hasn't gotten any worse lately. Review bombing is therefore not so easy to explain. God of War Ragnarök is not free of flaws: among other things, fans criticize the narrative focus of the game or the number of cutscenes, which sometimes make the title more of a kind of film. And according to the community, there also seem to be some technical problems. However, the points of criticism do not justify a negative bombardment. So maybe some fans just let out their frustration, maybe because they expected something different from the game. At the same time as the bad ratings, top marks continue to pour in - either as a reaction to the bombing, or out of honest intention.

Because: God of War Ragnarök is a potential Game of the Year candidate. The action-adventure has entered the coveted Game of the Year category at the Game Wards. Apparently, however, there are a lot of fans who would rather see Elden Ring at the top. The review bombing could therefore also be related to the proximity to the games show on Friday. 

Fans can be adamant when it comes to voting. There was a similar drama this year with the election of the "Player's Voice Award" - the favorite of the players themselves. The duel between Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers escalated at the community level. Fans lashed out at each other, even accusing the other camp of using bots to brush up on voting results. 

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