After God of War appeared in a new interpretation in 2018, the players faced a story that they did not know before. Kratos was ready to fight again - and instead of hack'n'slash, it's now a Souls-like action RPG. God of War Ragnarok is an evolution of the series. For Sony, the game is also a financial success. It's Playstation's fastest-selling first-party game, according to the company.

After four years, Kratos and Atreus have finally returned with the long-awaited continuation of their journey. It is now a question of love and the destruction of a world. God of War Ragnarök is philosophy in video game form, despite all the action. 

Lots of story, little game - loved by millions

Throughout the 35-hour story, both the question of the Spartan god of war and that of his son Atreus will take center stage. Both have aged. Atreus is particularly noticeable. It adds another storytelling layer to the game. This is especially important with God of War Ragnarök because it's more of a movie than a game. If you had to break the work down to pure gameplay aspects, there wouldn't be much left. The storytelling, however, is hard to beat - God of War Ragnarök is a masterpiece in parts.

The duo have been training all along to prepare for Ragnarok during the Fimbul winter. It is interesting, however, that the old hothead Kratos has thawed out a little more during this time. From the gameplay it appears that Kratos gained new knowledge about the other types of gods after his journey to Jotenheim. And now? He throws himself back into an adventure. With the right equipment, every player becomes an unsurpassed swordsman. This is because the parts bring both special properties and special abilities with them. By using the same shields as in the 2008 game, the player can have even more confidence in defending and protecting their attacks. This makes the fights increasingly dynamic than in all of our predecessors.

This is good, especially in combination with the variety: In the new part of God of War there are probably at least ten times as many enemies and also significantly more areas to explore. It's also worth noting that Santa Monica Studio has added a bit more variety to the puzzles you have to navigate through. Exploring this endless world doesn't leave the player impatient for a moment. Even after forty hours of play.

All the good points of God of War Ragnarök ultimately lead to a success: 5,1 million copies were sold. That's not only extremely fast considering the short time after the release, it's also a franchise record, as Herman Hulst published on Twitter.

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