Gods love dinosaurs, my Kasper Lapp and the US publisher Pandasaurus Games. With “Gods love Dinosaurs”, a new board game has now been announced that once again focuses on the popular giant lizards. Instead of imprisoning them as in Dinosaur Island and establishing them as an attraction for an amusement park, this time it's about creating a functioning ecosystem for the animals. 

Cute animals are eaten by big animals: the idea of ​​"Gods love Dinosaurs" can be broken down pretty precisely with this. The concept of Kaspar Lapp - by the way, the brains behind games like Magic Maze or X-Code - is based on a laying mechanism that is preceded by a draft. In this way, each player creates their own biome, in which dinosaurs become at home, provided that there is enough food.

Gods love Dinosaurs: Everyone has to eat - especially dinosaurs

In the placement game Gods love Dinosaurs, players have to create their own biome on the table in front of them. Game board parts are picked up and then placed next to each other in order to then place "resources" on them, determined by the tiles used. Resources means: food, i.e. all kinds of small animals - at least measured by the size of a T-Rex.

The animal type is always triggered for all players as soon as a row is empty. So there is definitely an interactive part of the competitive board game. This results in strategies, namely whenever one hatches a type that is advantageous for oneself but not for other players. Because the opponents can do the same, this creates a small annoyance factor.

God loves Dinosaurs: The laying plates determine the food resources. Copyright: Pandasaurus Games

Gods love Dinosaurs: The laying plates determine the food resources. Copyright: Pandasaurus Games

Pandasaurus Games is again using a dinosaur board game, this time with a combination of tile draft and placement mechanics. The own biome becomes larger round by round and animals settle there that are eaten by the dinosaurs. And the more the dinosaurs eat, the more eggs they lay and the more points the players get. The twist: if there is no food, the dinosaurs cannot survive. However, you shouldn't overfeed the lizards with a big stomach.

Gods love Dinosaurs is designed for 2 to 5 players, ages ten and up. According to the publisher, a game takes around 30 to 45 minutes. There is already an exact release date: The board game will be released on October 21 at a price of around 40 US dollars.

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