Goblin Uprising is a short, fun, and easy-to-learn board game for 2-6 players that takes many of its ideas from fantasy or role-playing games. We got the game two months ago in a short Crowdfunding Preview introduced, now it's up Kickstarter.

Dream Valley Studios has on 01.11. launched his first game Goblins Uprising on Kickstarter. The focus is on the history of the world of Eldain and its inhabitants. The Goblins are fed up with being treated as scapegoats for everything by the so-called "Tall Races". So it's time for the goblins to fight back and fight the tyranny of the higher races. As is usual with goblins, this takes place with plenty of self-directed mayhem.

Goblin Uprising is available in English, German, Spanish and French and can be purchased from 100 euros (+ tax and shipping). on Kickstarter financed. For this you get the basic version of the game including 12 miniatures in the form of the goblins and their protectors. For 200 euros (+ tax and shipping), the All-In Pledge is a hit. Here you also get 52 characters from all opposing units, an additional campaign and a completely new region. However, you have to be patient until you can hold the game in your hands. The estimated delivery date is June 2024.

Check out our in-depth crowdfunding preview where we spoke to game designer Fábio Escalhão Atássio about Goblin Uprising HERE.

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