The digital version of the board game hit Gloomhaven is available in Early Access on the video game platform Steam. The tactical role-playing game, which is based on the parlor game of the same name, will be expanded as part of the development - including new mercenaries, bosses and adventures. Gloomhaven in Early Access costs 24,99 euros.

Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios have announced that the tactical, turn-based RPG Gloomhaven is available in Early Access on Steam at a price of 24,99 euros. At the beginning of Early Access, the Adventure mode is playable, which combines roguelike mechanics with turn-based combat and exploration. Players can experience the merciless world Gloomhavens in different levels of difficulty, which offer both beginners an optimal start, but also challenge experts.

The roadmap for new content is already in place

There are four characters available to start with. The list of heroes, opponents and bosses as well as all available content will be steadily expanded during the Early Access phase. The full campaign and multiplayer mode will be available at launch.

"We're excited to release Gloomhaven as an adaptation of one of the best board games on Steam."

Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital

Despite the continuous improvements and the implementation of additional features, the price of the title will not increase during the Early Access phase, while the full version will have a higher price. However, buyers of the Early Access version will no longer have to pay for it.

The “Nightcrawler Scoundrel” skin has also been released, the first of four free skins that can be unlocked through certain challenges. The skins are all purely cosmetic and give players the opportunity to give their fighters a new look when choosing characters.

“We worked with Flaming Fowl Studios, whose portfolio includes the Fable series, and Isaac Childres, the designer of the board game. With our board game and digital expertise, we want - together with the players - to design the best possible game for release during the Early Access phase. "

Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital

Gloomhaven at the beginning of the Early Access phase mainly appeals to fans of the board game. However, Asmodee Digital is working on making it easier for beginners to get started before the full version is launched, so that even beginners can soon experience the in-depth gameplay of Gloomhaven can experience.

The roadmap gives an overview of the planned improvements and new content. Image: Asmodee Digital

The roadmap gives an overview of the planned improvements and new content. Image: Asmodee Digital

The user reviews of the first few days are mostly positive. Around 77 percent of the players rate the board game adaptation as successful - despite the early development phase. 

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