Cephalofair Games will publish miniatures for the dungeon crawler board game brands Gloomhaven and Frosthaven - provided that a corresponding crowdfunding campaign is successful in the coming year. The publisher recently announced this, among other things, with a YouTube trailer.

Everything is better with miniatures, the makers of the board game Gloomhaven and Frosthaven probably thought. The miniatures can be used for the entire series, not only for the main games, but also for the "Gloomhaven Light" offshoot Die Pranken des Löwen, which was published in German in this country like the core titles about Tierra del Fuego games.

Gloomhaven with miniatures? Soon…

Cephalofair Games unveiled the idea with a trailer. It has become a bit of a trend to chop up board game content in order to be able to offer packages on sale that are as priced as possible. In the case of Gloomhaven or Frosthaven, things are a little more complicated. With a stable standard price of around 150 euros, getting started with the Gloomhaven board game is not a particularly cheap pleasure. If Cephalofair Games were to pack the miniatures in the box as a standard in a possible new edition, the price would rise significantly. That is probably of little interest to hesitant players.

So the publisher does what makes sense: It offers the miniatures for Gloomhaven as a separate goodie. The optional figures are to be financed through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The start is planned for the coming year, but when exactly is uncertain. It is clear, however, that the miniatures should be compatible with the entire dungeon crawler series, so they can also be used in the Forgotten Circles expansion and in Die Paw des Löwen.

The news should be interesting for fans of the dungeon crawler, after all, miniatures often significantly upgrade such board games. Gloomhaven is a cooperative board game for up to four players in which you slip into the role of different character classes to complete quests and chase prey. The combat system is driven by a deck of cards, the composition of which is also one of the challenges of the board game concept. Gloomhaven and also the prequel Frosthaven was developed by game designer Isaac Childres.

It is currently not known where the miniatures are priced. Cephalofair Games has not yet published any further details on the Kickstarter campaign. How exactly the miniatures will be designed and what material they are made of is therefore uncertain.

After all, the reveal trailer published by Cephalofair gives a first look at possible models:

Preview Product Rating Price
Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven Tierra del Fuego Games 19 - Gloomhaven * 142,99 EUR

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