Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Gloomhaven Early Access by announcing the release of Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges DLC on September 22nd on Steam and GOG for PC and macOS.

The new DLC expansion packs a punch and is a digital adaptation of the board game expansion. It was developed in close collaboration with the original game's designer, Isaac Childres, and optimized for digital gameplay.

For fans of solo games

This DLC will offer players 17 deadly solo scenarios, as well as 17 new and unique items that can be unlocked for specific mercenaries. The solo scenarios will pose even greater challenges for experienced players, as each one must be mastered by a specific mercenary - 17 unique rewards and terrifying new enemies await.

The rewards and scenarios have been carefully tailored to each mercenary's strengths and weaknesses, providing players with an additional 20 hours of content. To access these exciting scenarios, a mercenary must be at least level 5 in the campaign. After completing a scenario, the mercenary will receive a unique item that can only be used by that mercenary. The rewards will also be available in Guild Master mode and players must complete each mercenary's 2nd story mission to be able to use them.

In multiplayer mode, players must tackle this challenge alone, while friends can join in as spectators. Players can also play these scenarios offline and then import their rewards for multiplayer.

Gloomhaven Digital, an adaptation of Isaac Childres' acclaimed board game and winner of six Golden Geek Awards, is wowing fans worldwide. The first DLC expansion, Jaws of the Lion, launched in May this year and includes four new mercenaries, new enemies, and the 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion. Gloomhaven digital DLC is playable in online co-op for up to four players. Each player must own the DLCs to access the new content in multiplayer.

Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges will be available on Steam and GOG for PC and macOS, priced at $4,99.

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