Video game variant of Gloomhaven expands to include The Lion's Paws. Asmodee Digital announced this with a short CGI trailer, among other things. The spin-off of Isaac Childre's and Cephalofair Games' epic campaign hit will also appear as a digital board game. What has not yet been determined is the exact release date or the price. 

The Lion's Paws expansion has been officially announced as a digital board game via the Gloomhaven Digital Twitter account. Four mercenaries and over 30 hours of content will therefore be available for the PC and MAC versions of the game on Steam and GOG. You can already put the game on your wish list.

Gloomhaven Digital is Gloomhaven, only digital

The Lion's Paws expansion brings new content to the screens of those players who own Gloomhaven Digital. The DLC then includes many more hours of gameplay. That is extremely likely given the popular template. You have to have bought the basic game, even if Die Paws des Löwen (English: Jaws of the Lion) is a separate title in the original board game.

New mercenaries include the Ax Thrower, Red Guard, Demolitionist, and the Void Keeper. However, the highlight of the digital bed game DLC is likely to be the additional campaign: "Access to the DLC is via the Gloomhaven story campaign by unlocking the "Jaws of the Lion" missions after the second scenario of Gloomhaven," it says as explanation. Alternatively, you can also play with the new mercenaries and items in the guild master and story campaigns. "

And: The Paws of the Lion is available for solo players or in co-op mode for up to four players. The content is comprehensive. On Valve's Steam platform you can already see what content the expansion DLC for Gloomhaven will have. These are:

  • 25 new scenarios leading to a dark story in Gloomhaven's underground
  • 4 unique mercenaries with very different playstyles
  • 10 new enemies and bosses, from fanatics to chaos demons, there are many new challenges
  • 22 city events full of difficult decisions
  • 10 items obtainable through chests and scenarios in the market
  • 24 battle objectives with completely new motivations

The digital version is based on the 2020 original Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Like the original game Gloomhaven, the title was created by Isaac Childres and his publisher Cephalofair Games. The Lion's Paws is designed as a kind of Gloomhaven Light, where players experience the individual scenarios in or on a story book. The idea is designed around a more immediate access to the game - although the story and design are based on the Gloomhaven universe, the rules have been significantly streamlined.

Flaming Fowl Studios developed the digital version of Gloomhaven, as did the current DLC The Paws of the Lion. Asmodee Digital acts as the publisher. The video game version sticks closely to the template in terms of appearance and content. It is still unclear when the digital version of the Gloomhaven DLC will appear. However, fans can already mark the expansion on their wish lists.

With Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres and Cephalofair Games launched one of the most popular board games ever in 20217. The game has received multiple awards and continues to hold places on the genre top lists. The idea is primarily aimed at frequent players, if only because of the price of well over 100 euros. With Frosthaven, Cephalofair Games had one hugely successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter laid down: the frosty stand-alone game generated around 13 million euros as part of its swarm funding. Frosthaven became the most successful Kickstarter board game ever. A German version will be available over Tierra del Fuego appear.



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