The board game Gloomhaven is a real phenomenon and has long since ceased to be restricted to the analogue games area: the title, implemented under the auspices of Asmodee Digital, has now left the early access phase and is therefore officially available in release version 1.0. 

Gloomhaven for PC is a tactical role-playing game and the digital version of Isaac Childre's acclaimed strategy board game. Set in a unique and dark medieval fantasy world, Gloomhaven rewards strategic approaches and creative problem solving. One to four players face the darkness alone or online in a co-op mode.

Gloomhaven: digital board game campaign

Fans can buy Gloomhaven for PC via Steam or GOG - and experience the board game as a digital version. The feel of the game is similar: the entire content can be played cooperatively with up to three other companions or alone. “Entire content” means a lot, Gloomhaven is extensive.

The critically acclaimed Board Game Campaign is available: with 95 engaging missions and an ongoing story in which gamers' greed is countered with their moral principles. The guild master adventure created exclusively for the digital version is another plus point of the computer version: it contains over 160 missions that show players completely different facets of Gloomhaven.

With the release and the end of Early Access, all of the game's content will be available. In terms of price, the video game beats its board game template by far: the PC game on Valve's platform Steam costs around 35 euros; GOG users also have to pay this price.

The game is available in English, but the texts are in German. The system requirements are moderate: a processor from the Intel i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 category is sufficient in conjunction with eight gigabytes of RAM and a GeForce GTX 760 or Radeon R9 280 for gaming. Incidentally, “Crossplay” with the Steam version is supported by GOG.

Whether too Frosthaven implemented as a digital board game? It's possible, but given the success on Kickstarter, the chances are good. The only catch so far: fans have to wait longer for the successor after delays, including the German version, which again about Tierra del Fuego games, moves back with regard to the publication date.


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