With the start of the new Ghostbusters film Ghostbusters: Legacy, the question of a new video game based on the brand was raised. That will actually happen, according to a hint from actor Ernie Hudson during a panel at a fan convention. The game should even be in development.

The success and quality of the movie Ghostbusters: Legacy made calls for a real new Ghostbusters video game louder again. The brand last made it to the screen in 2009, even though Ghostbusters: The Video Game recently reappeared in a revised version.

Who you gonna call?

The clue about the new Ghostbusters video game came from someone who should know: actor Ernie Hudson, who plays the ghost hunter Winston Zeddemore in the series. As part of a fan panel, he revealed that a new game was in the works. He and Dan Aykroyd had made appointments for the sound recordings, he was unsure whether Bill Murray was also involved.

Hudson did not reveal many details. It is also unknown who is developing the new Ghostbusters video game. There was no official announcement, however, so the information should be treated with caution.

In view of the positive response to the current cinema films, the development of a modern Ghostbusters game is quite likely. Despite the great popularity of the template, the brand is comparatively unspent in the video game segment overall. Because the responsible parties have not yet announced any information about a possible release period, there actually seems to be a return to gaming screens according to current information - including in a podcast.


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