As the board game publisher Feuerland reports, not much has happened since the last update regarding Frosthaven. However, there is a date for the start of the pre-order phase, as well as an approximate release window. However, that is not certain, fans must continue to be patient. 

There breaks with Frosthaven a board game set a new record after a long time - and then of all things this title sticks. Originally it was planned to deliver Frosthaven in December 2020, according to the information at the time as part of the crowdfunding campaign, in which Cephalofair Games was able to collect around 13 million US dollars on Kickstarter. It is now autumn 2021 - and Frosthaven is still not in sight. At least there is a release window: Isaac Childres names the first quarter of 2022.

German version of Frosthaven is delayed

The German version of the board game Frosthaven will also be delayed. Logical. Tierra del Fuego Games informed again about six months after the last update, but had no better news than back then: "Unfortunately not much has happened yet," says Tierra del Fuego. According to the author's last statement, the original English version of Frosthaven should be delivered in the first quarter of 2022. "If that also happens, then the German edition will probably appear in Q3/2022," says Tierra del Fuego. Accordingly, they want to start pre-ordering at the beginning of 2022.

So far, however, this has not been done in the dry. Issac Childres informed at the beginning of September that there were still logistics bottlenecks, but that the set release target could probably be met. However, there was no more detailed information on this.

At least there is something new, but with Tierra del Fuego: "If you look at the Frosthaven info page on our website, you will now find a link to updates from the Kickstarter campaign (author's notes)". On this page, the publisher wants to translate information into German at "irregular intervals" that the author Isaac publishes about the content of the game. "This way you can keep yourself up to date with what's new in Frosthaven," says Tierra del Fuego. So there they rely on transparency and scraps of information in order to bridge the dry spell until the release together with the potential pre-orderers.

"We'll get back to you in early 2022 and then see how it goes," says Tierra del Fuego. That doesn't sound completely optimistic, at least as of now there is no new information about a further delay from Frosthaven.

Frosthaven is the successor to the successful dungeon-crawling board game Gloomhaven from 2017. The multi-award-winning board game was also financed via Kickstarter and is considered one of the best board games ever. The German version is also available from Feuerland Spiele.

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