Double victory for Kosmos at this year's German Games Prize: The crew of Thomas Sing and Andor Junior from Inka and Markus Brand win. The responsible Friedhelm Merz Verlag counted the votes and determined the board games that have now been awarded the audience award. The modernized trick-taking game The crew was able to prevail against top-class competitors.

The year remains successful for the Franconian Kosmos-Verlag, especially for Thomas Sings' modern version of a trick-taking game: With the Deutscher Spielepreis, The Crew has proven that the idea is not only recognized by the jury of the Game of the Year eV - The Crew as Kennerspiel of the year 2020 has been awarded - but is also well received by the audience.

German game award: The Crew honored by fans

The Crew ranks as the winner of the German Game Award under titles such as Flügelschlag, Azul or Terraforming Mars or Mombasa. The trick play in the round of strategic board games appears strikingly simple, the greater the entertainment value of the reinterpretation of the dusty trick game concept.

The little box has it all: three to five players, ages ten and up, take on the role of astronauts who go on missions to explore a new planet that has appeared on the edge of the solar system.

Fans reward the courage of the author and the publisher with a strong vote: In the end, the title lands in first place, ahead of top-class competitors such as Wasserkraft from the publisher Feuerland Spiele, Cooper Island from Frosted Games and Pegasus or Paladins des Westfrankenreichs, published by the publisher Gravity.

The titles one to nine of the top 10 of the German Game Award 2020:

2. The cartographer of Jordy Adan (Pegasus Games)
3. Maracaibo by Alexander Pfister (Game's Up)
4. Hydropower by Tommaso Battista and Simone Luciani (Tierra del Fuego)
5. Cooper Island by Andreas Odendahl (Frosted Games and Pegasus Games)
6. Glen More II: Chronicles by Matthias Cramer (Funtails)
7. Crystal Palace by Carsten Lauber (Tierra del Fuego)
8. Henry Audubon's parks (Tierra del Fuego)
9. Marco Polo II - On behalf of the Khan by Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini (Hans im Glück Verlag / Distribution: Asmodee)
10. Paladins of West Franconia by Shem Phillips and SJ Macdonald (Schwerkraft Verlag)

The German Games Prize has been awarded by Friedhelm Merz Verlag for 30 years and is a recognized public award. Those who vote also include media representatives, game stores and groups, as well as those familiar with the scene.

German Children's Games Prize for Andor offshoot

That the Legends of Andor are far from over, Kosmos proves with again and again new couplings for the fantasy board game with the strong narrative elements. In addition to the spin-off The liberation of the Rietburg the Franconian publisher, together with the author couple Inka and Markus Brand, brought a child-friendly version under the title Andor Junior onto the market.

The cooperative board game is aimed at two to four children aged seven and over. You slip into the roles of classic fantasy heroes: magician, archer, warrior and dwarf. Children face the playful challenges together.

A successful move, as shown by the awarding of the German Game Prize 2020, which goes to Andor Junior in the children's board game segment.

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