In mid-2021, a new regulation for online gambling came into force in Germany. Basically, almost everyone involved has welcomed this reform - from industry to players to player advocates. Because before that, millions of German users were in a legal gray area when they visited an online casino. The official award of German licenses has improved this situation. 

Among the other innovations, there are both those that are advantageous from the player's point of view and some disadvantages. The following aspects have a particularly strong impact on the experience of German users.

More safety 

In terms of security, the reform is clearly a step forward. Because the German license requirements are stricter than die most other countries. So, applicants have to apply for a permit their professional and personal suitability prove. In addition, they must deposit a security deposit with the authorities before opening their platform, which guarantees the provider's solvency in the event of a dispute. And in the event of a legal dispute, sind always domestic courts competent. For players who are worried about the safety of their use, the German license is therefore a great relief. It saves them the tedious search for reliable providers. 

Wagering Limits 

Countrovers, on the other hand, are the new betting limits that are part of the new regulation. They concern minimum and maximum stakes as well as the maximum amount a player can deposit per month. These restrictions have resulted in some players actively looking for unlicensed platforms, and a comparison website even has one Casino without a German license top list created.

With these providers, who mostly have a foreign licensegen, the upper limits are much looser. The migration of players to international providers calls into question the effectiveness of the German licensing system. It is therefore conceivable that the limits will be adjusted in the future. 

Further editions 

In addition, there are a number of smaller requirements that primarily serve to protect players. For example, after an hour of play, a five-minute break is required, during which the user does not refer to the games in the online Ca.sino can access. In addition, casinos must display a button in a prominent position with which the player can block himself for 24 hours. 

In addition, the casinos are only allowed to advertise their products on television at certain times of the day. BislaThere is still no knowledge of how these measures affect gaming behavior. However, since they are hardly a nuisance for users, they are welcomed by most observers. 

Tax assessments are an important factor when it comes to gambling and winnings.

Tax assessments are an important factor when it comes to gambling and winnings.

Tax considerations 

Also the new tax on online gambling that almost at the same time as the reform was introduced, made a topic of conversation. Hardly anyone seriously questions the fact that the German tax authorities should participate in the profits of casino operators. However, the government has opted for a model that is also at the expense of the players.

Because it is not the earnings of the gambling operators that are taxed, but the stakes of the players. This leads to the fact that the operators lower their payout ratios, which means on average lower profits for the players. It is not known whether this is intended to have a deterrent effect similar to the example of the tobacco tax.