Toy giant Mattel has announced a new line of dolls with “Creatable World”. The highlight: the dolls are freely adaptable and therefore virtually gender-neutral. Instead of always having long hair and skirts, the new gender-neutral dolls have countless configuration options. The new doll line consists of six different sets that are available in different skin tones. Each set includes a doll, two hairstyles, and endless styling options. A doll set costs 39 euros.

According to its own statements, Mattel invites “all children to play”. Long or short hair, a skirt, trousers or both together: an extensive wardrobe, accessories and various wigs give children a choice when it comes to designing their toys. Very consciously: children should let their imaginations run wild when designing their dolls.

Toys symbolize inclusion

According to Mattel, during the development process of the new doll line, he worked with a team of external experts, doctors, parents - especially numerous children.

Toys were and always are a reflection of society. In our day and age, inclusion is one of the most important challenges for a stronger coexistence and is becoming more and more important. We felt it was time to design a line of dolls without any gender role requirements that reflects and promotes this positive social trend.
Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Doll Design

The doll line should be just as individual as the children who play with it, Culmone continues. The puppet line should enable all children to express themselves freely. Mattel is even thinking a step further and hopes that with Creatable World, adults will also see that children can benefit from playing with customizable dolls. Namely, by being able to discover the world for themselves without any rules or according to certain role specifications.

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With the new “Creatable World” doll line, six different sets appear in stores, which are available in different skin tones. Each set includes a doll, two hairstyles, and endless styling options. A doll set costs 39 euros and can be bought from online retailers such as Amazon or myToys, but also in brick-and-mortar stores, such as the Smyth Toys Superstores (here is a report on Opening of the Smyth Toys Superstores) can be purchased immediately.

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