Merchandising is an integral part of the entertainment and games scene. Fan articles have always been a means of identification with bands or a film genre, but today they literally flood the fan market. It is time to get an overview.

Merchbuddies: Merchshop from Austria

The Merchbuddies, Florian and Patrick, offer what the company name says and what makes the fan heart beat faster:
Merchandise. You can find their range of fan accessories in the Merchbuddies online shop.

On the homepage of the online shop, not only are the usual merchandise items such as figures, shirts and posters waiting for their fans, but home accessories can also be purchased online.

Merchandise makes the fan heart beat faster. Image: Pixabay

The shipping costs to Germany and Austria are free of charge and the payment methods are varied, but so far these have excluded purchase on account.

Three articles were made available for testing. These are a backpack, a mug and a gym bag. All items were shipped quickly and arrived undamaged. The articles apparently do not differ from their illustration and description in the online catalog of the Merchbuddies. The only thing that should be mentioned here is that the description of the articles could be more detailed. The size information of the backpack was missing in the description at the time of the order, so that it would have been necessary to inquire.

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