A collectible card game, Board Game Circus' Gasha is all about toys and rewards. Players pull lots of toys out of the Japanese Gashapons - they are the focus of the fast card game, which can now be ordered on board.

In einem older post we had already presented some upcoming novelties from the publishing house Board Game Circus (among others CuBirds, Heimliche Gemeindominion or Obsthain). One of those games - Gasha - is available for pre-order now. A good reason to re-imagine the game. The theme is as crazy as it is colorful – and Japanese. Which is probably the reason for the colorful craze. The title is intended to evoke the Japanese toy machines, which many adults today might know in a modified form from their own childhood: packed in colorful plastic capsules, you could pull lots of gems out of the boxes - this can now be played as a card game.

Gasha: What is it about?

Gasha machines (partly also Gacha) are cult in Japan. You put some money in the machines and you can win prizes. In addition to many normal prizes, there are also special and rare main prizes. However, you cannot control what you get. You can only win special prizes by betting higher – but that is not guaranteed. Gasha also relies on this principle. Here you collect small toys (princesses, foxes, robots, radishes and sushi bites) and expand your collection to get the most points at the end.

Back of Gasha cards depicting a vending machine. Photo: Board Game Circus.

The element of luck has been built in as follows: You draw the toy face down from the stacks on display, but you never know which toy you will actually get. Only the front (photo above) shows you the possible winnings. So you need a good amount of luck to complete your collections and exchange them for bonus cards. If you combine the right bonus cards with each other, you get bonus tiles that can give you bonus points or help.

Possible winnings of the gacha cards. Photo: Board Game Circus.

At the beginning of the game, you shuffle all the Gasha cards and take 4 cards in each hand. All other cards are divided into four equal stacks and placed in the middle of the table with the back (machine) facing up. Shuffle the bonus cards and lay them out in a draw pile. Reveal the top four cards and place them on the bottom of the four gasha piles. The bonus tiles are also shuffled and laid out face down. However, the number depends on the number of people. For example, with two players there are five tiles, with three players six and with four players eight.


You play one after the other, you can choose who starts at random. In each turn you have two actions to choose from:

  • Take 2 Gasha cards into your hand. You may draw cards from one or different decks. If a stack is empty, simply split the largest stack into two.
  • Fulfill 1 reward card. If the cards in your hand meet the requirements of one of the four reward cards, discard the card set and take the bonus card. You lay this out openly in front of you. Then you turn over a new reward card, so that four cards are revealed again.

As soon as you have collected two reward cards with ticket halves, you have a ticket and may take a bonus tile. You place this face up on the reward cards used. Each reward card may only be used once. If the ticket halves are the same color, you will also receive a Gasha card.

The bonus tiles have the following functions and may only be used once. After use they are turned over:

  • Extra turn: It's your turn immediately
  • Double Wild: Use this wild in place of two toys to complete a reward card.
  • Three points: This tile gives you three points at the end of the game.

End of game and scoring

The game ends when all bonus tiles have been taken, the deck of reward cards is empty, or you have to shuffle the discard deck to form four new decks of Gasha cards.

As soon as one of the three cases occurs. each person, except for the person who announced the end of the game, has one more turn.

Then it comes to the rating. To do this, add up all the points on your reward cards (and bonus tiles). In addition, you get one point for each Gasha card in your hand and two points for each unused double joker

Whoever has more points wins. In case of a tie, the person with more bonus tiles wins.

Factbox: Gasha

Author: Jason Levine
Illustration: Christine Alcouffe, Miguel Coimbra
Publisher: Board Game Circus
Website: Link
Playing time: 20 minutes
People: 2-6
Age: 7+ (Variant: 4+)
Year: 2022

75 gasha cards
35 reward cards
16 bonus tiles


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