Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) has introduced the new ROG Phone II gaming smartphone. The new model is based on a design specifically geared towards gaming, based on the previous model, the ROG Phone, and aims to bring the mobile gaming experience to a new level with the help of the Qualcomm SnapdragonT 855 Plus processor, which is used worldwide for the first time and is clocked at up to 2.96GHz Bring level. There is still no specific information on the publication date or costs. 

The AdrenoT 640 GPU with a clock rate of up to 675 MHz should ensure optimal graphics. According to the manufacturer, the improved GameCool II 3D Vapor-Chamber cooling system is designed for “long, unrestrained performance at top speed”. ROG Phone II also features the world's first 120Hz/1ms AMOLED 10-bit HDR 6,59-inch display with Delta-E <1 color accuracy and low touch sensitivity of 49ms.

Asus ROG Phone II: Evolution of Mobile Gaming?

A battery with a capacity of 6000mAh provides the necessary energy for non-stop gaming. A design that allows charging while playing in landscape mode, as well as a 30W ROG HyperCharge power adapter, should ensure fast direct charging. The ROG Phone II should be charged to 58 percent battery capacity in around 66 minutes. The USB-CT connection, which is used to charge the device, could also prove to be practical: other devices should also be conveniently charged via the ROG Phone II.

The ROG Phone II was specially developed for mobile gaming: The design designed for gaming in landscape format includes improved AirTrigger II ultrasonic sensors, Dual Surrounding Vibration technology and powerful stereo front speakers. New accessories include the TwinView Dock II for games with two screens and the ROG Kunai Gamepad with multiple configurations for gaming enjoyment like on a console.

Optionally, a modular gamepad provides a console-like gaming experience. Photo: Asus

Optionally, a modular gamepad provides a console-like gaming experience. Photo: Asus

The two front speakers are positioned at the top and bottom of the phone to ensure rich stereo reproduction in landscape mode. And the Wi-Fi via multiple antennas is designed for maximum performance when gaming in landscape mode.

"The ROG Phone II offers outstanding performance in all areas without compromise," promises the manufacturer. Asus is the world's first gaming smartphone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus and a clock frequency of up to 2,96 GHz in this model. In practice, this should provide a performance boost of four percent compared to the standard Snapdragon 855. There is also up to 12 GB of RAM for enduring gaming performance.

To ensure continuous performance, the second generation GameCool II cooling system in the ROG Phone II has a newly developed 3D vapor chamber, which is supposed to make the heat dissipation from the device even more effective. There is also the new AeroActive Cooler II active cooling system with newly designed ventilation lamellas that increase the airflow. The active cooling system fits over the supplied aero case. At 24 decibels, the AeroActive Cooler II is significantly quieter than the original design.

Asus promises high-resolution graphics and low touch latency

The ROG Phone II uses an AMOLED HDR display with a screen diagonal of 6,59 inches. Highest color accuracy, with a Delta-E value of less than 1, should ensure that games look exactly as the developer intended. Also new: a 49ms touch latency period ensures almost immediate responsiveness. Ultra-robust Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protects the display of the ROG Phone II from damage.

The new TwinView Dock II offers a real dual-screen gaming experience with a 6,59-inch AMOLED FHD + additional screen, which is ideal for split-screen live streaming, as an additional game screen or for group communication. The additional screen is also even lighter and has a new turbo fan cooling system and a powerful 5000mAh battery. The ROG Kunai Gamepad can also be used to connect additional physical controllers and create a complete, self-contained dual-screen gaming system.

Twin-Dock II: The ROG Phine II offers the possibility of dual-screen gaming. Photo: Asus

Twin-Dock II: The ROG Phine II offers the possibility of dual-screen gaming. Photo: Asus

The ROG Phone II was specially developed for gaming and has an ergonomic design designed for gaming in landscape format. The improved AirTrigger II technology offers high-precision ultrasonic-based touch controllers with a vibration delay of just 20 ms. They now also support typing and swiping movements - with finely tuned feedback for a console-like key feel. The dual surround vibration technology provides haptic 3D feedback.

The ROG Phone II can be expanded with accessories: The ROG WiGig Display Dock Plus and the Mobile Desktop Dock from the last series are still supported. There is also a new modular ROG Kunai gamepad that offers physical, console-like gamepad controls. The ROG Kunai gamepad consists of three components: the ROG Kunai bumper, the ROG Kunai controllers and the ROG Kunai holder. The two-part kunai controllers can be attached to the kunai holder to create a stand-alone gamepad. Alternatively, they can be combined with the Kunai Bumper to add physical gamepad controls to the ROG Phone II itself.

When and at what price the new Asus ROG Phone II will appear is not yet known. More information at

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