Gaming on the computer is still an important factor. Gaming computers have left the competition from consoles pretty well behind them, and publishers are also increasingly focusing on the PC sales market. But there is still a dispute between users as to whether a notebook or a desktop PC would be an advantage as a gaming computer. We look at both variants and take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages.

The gaming notebook: flexible and easy to transport

In contrast to a desktop PC, a gaming notebook is very easy to transport. That means especially at LAN parties like that Dreamham quite a real advantage, even if the number has been declining for years. But also playing together with your buddy is made much easier by a gaming notebook. However, it should be noted that most gaming notebooks were not developed for mobile use. This means that without a power supply, the batteries will quickly go to their knees when gaming. In addition, the lightness of the device also comes at a further disadvantage: the more difficult retrofitting. Some well-known manufacturers offer gaming notebooks that can be retrofitted in certain components, but the great flexibility of a desktop computer cannot be achieved with such systems.

Gaming notebooks are particularly popular because of their good transport properties.
Gaming notebooks are particularly popular because of their good transport properties.

So if your own hardware is no longer sufficient to play the latest games in the desired quality level, then often all you have to do is buy a new one. Another advantage of gaming notebooks is the often limited energy consumption. Because of the structure of the system and the necessary power supply units, only a fraction of the electricity is usually drawn, which is used by a desktop system under full load.

Basically, gaming notebooks are especially suitable for gamers who want to be very flexible and who do not always want to experience the games in the best possible resolution. In these cases, a gaming notebook can also be used for a few years and offers the option of spatial flexibility and easy transport.

The desktop PC for gamers

A Desktop PC for gamers often represents the direct opposite of a gaming notebook. Because many of these desktop computers are equipped with water cooling, among other things, and are therefore so heavy that they can only be transported with great effort. Those who opt for such a device usually want to operate it in a fixed location, for example their own gaming room or at least at their own desk. In addition, depending on the composition of the components, these systems can drive up the electricity bill noticeably. After all, the various components can use significant amounts of electricity under full load.

But enough of the disadvantages. Because with regard to the advantages, the desktop computers for gamers know how to convince. On the one hand, many different end devices and peripheral devices can be connected to the computer without any problems. In addition, desktop computers can easily be retrofitted, repaired and modernized if they can no longer meet the requirements of the current generation of games.

Good graphics cards provide "power" for two to three years.
Good graphics cards provide “power” for two to three years.

As a rule, it is assumed that a graphics card will provide enough power for two to three years to be able to display current games. The memory and processor are usually up to date for a good six years. With a modern gaming computer, it is usually sufficient to install a new graphics card after about three years in order to play with the system for another two to three years be able. In addition, such a system can be expanded and supplemented almost easily with additional memory, more hard disk capacity or other peripheral devices.

A direct comparison shows that every device has its own target group

In direct comparison it is very difficult to determine a neutral winner. In terms of performance and durability, the desktop PC is the undisputed first place. The high level of flexibility and the ability to carry your own computer with you is particularly impressive when it comes to notebooks. Which choice you make depends not least on your own living conditions and your own budget.