For ambitious gamers, good sound is not only a luxury for the ears, but also relevant in terms of gameplay. Hardware specialist Razer promises surround sound better than 7.1 for the new Kraken Ultimate gaming headset, which now also has illuminated ear cups. The Kraken gaming headphones are available in stores in two versions - of course in two significantly different price ranges. 

Hardware manufacturer Razer calls the new Kraken Ultimate a tournament gaming headset. Thanks to THX Spatial Audio, the sound should be particularly precise. This allows players to determine positions in the game based on the sound image. The THX sound should be better than 7.1 anyway.

Razer Kraken Ultimate with THX Spatial Sound

According to Razer, individually tuned 50 mm drivers that are able to capture and reproduce acoustic details are primarily responsible for the sound. Players perceive even the slightest audio nuances and can use them to their advantage. Professional gaming is actually over the ears these days. In combination with the Active Noise Canceling microphone, the Kraken Ultimate also offers crystal-clear team communication. The Kraken Ultimate's Discord-certified Active Noise Canceling microphone is designed to ensure flawless communication - even in the most action-packed tournaments.

The new Razer Kraken Ultimate gaming headset works with THX Spatial Audio technology. The sound is displayed in a 360-degree radius for better perception and greater immersion in competitive matches. "Sneaking enemies can be pinpointed, enemy fire can be avoided more effectively, and upcoming events can be spotted more quickly," Razer said of the benefits of the new headphones.
The Razer Kraken Ultimate shines brightly thanks to RGB chroma technology. Photo: Razer / Kevin Allen

The Razer Kraken Ultimate shines brightly thanks to RGB chroma technology. Photo: Razer / Kevin Allen

THX Spatial Audio optimizes each game's sound design and engineering, delivering a natural listening experience by adjusting each virtual speaker to reflect the exact distance and location of the sound source in-game. Neurological processes are also said to be behind this: "Signs of fatigue in the brain and ears are reduced because users can instinctively decode where the sound is coming from," explains Razer: "This way gamers are focused over a longer period of time - and that gives them the upper hand online -Tournaments".
The design of the Kraken Ultimate is based on a mixture of aluminum and steel with cooling gel ear pads. This makes the headset light and durable for long-lasting comfort. It is stable and flexible at the same time, its extremely soft padded headband with bauxite aluminum is well prepared for both transport and long gaming sessions. The cooling gel ear pads reduce heat build-up and offer hidden eyeglass channels.
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The RGB lighting should not be missing in a high-performance gaming headset: The Kraken Ultimate is equipped with backlit ear cups with Razer Chroma. 16,8 million color options, preset lighting effects and customization options can be set and personalized via Synapse 3.
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you will find it in the also new Razer Kraken X USB. The latest addition to the Kraken X family offers green auricle lighting and virtual 7.1 surround sound via the USB connection - all in a lightweight 275 gram design for the best gaming comfort.
Both gaming headsets are available now in stores and over available. The prices are around 70 euros for the Kraken-X version and 150 euros for the headset with THX Spatial technology. 

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