The area of ​​esports is now closely linked to innovative gaming hardware. For this reason, the manufacturer Logitech has presented a new gaming keyboard with interchangeable switches: the Logitech G Pro X. The mechanical keyboard should be available in two versions in October - either with customizable keys or with a fixed keyboard layout. According to the manufacturer, the prices range between 129 and 149 euros. In addition, replacement packs with Clicky, Linear or Tactile switches will be available at a price of 49 euros.

Before the end of this month, the renowned hardware manufacturer Logitech plans to launch a new mechanical gaming keyboard that will even meet the demands of professional e-athletes. And to underpin this, Logitech has engaged several testimonials from the digital sports segment who are promoting the new G Pro X.

"Clicking switches" as the greatest wish

You can wish for a lot, including clicking switches. At least that's what the e-athlete Broken Blade from the North American team SoloMid (TSM) says. Since the manufacturer Logitech alone does not seem to have made a click, the hardware forge is bringing three different key types onto the market: Clicky, Linear and Tactile. All connected with the release of the new mechanical gaming keyboard G Pro X, for which a design without a numeric keypad is used.
I loved the original Pro keyboard, but my biggest wish has always been a version with clicky switches.”
Broken Blade, TSM League of Legends
No matter which variant gamers choose, it should always be tailored to the field of e-sports. Logitech explains the creation process: “The Pro X gaming keyboard was developed to meet the highest demands of the best esports professionals and to offer them, like all other serious gamers, tournament-level reliability and features that their Gaming experience and performance improved.”
According to the manufacturer, professional e-athletes themselves also have an influence on the development process. 
Gamers, especially professionals, have different preferences when it comes to keyboard switches.
Ujesh Desai, Vice President and General Manager Logitech Gaming
This is why the new G Pro X gaming keyboard was also developed with interchangeable switches. The choice of button allows players to improve their own playing style and adapt the hardware to it. Dispensing with the number pad makes the G Pro X a compact gaming keyboard that is easy to transport and does not waste any space on the desk - or at the competition site. Less space for the keyboard also means: More space for the mouse.

Technological request concert: The Logitech G Pro X has customizable buttons and lights up colorfully. Photo: Logitech

Technological request concert: The Logitech G Pro X has customizable buttons and lights up colorfully. Photo: Logitech

The concept of portability seems well thought out: the detachable micro USB connector ensures that the cable is not damaged during transport. Customizable lighting profiles are almost mandatory for high-priced gaming keyboards. The Logitech G Pro X will also have this feature: the PRO X has adjustable RGB lighting that can be saved on profiles in the internal memory.
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The Logitech G Pro X should be available in two versions in October. The Logitech G PRO X with interchangeable GX Clicky, Linear or Tactile switches is available at an RRP of 149 euros The Logitech G PRO gaming keyboard with non-interchangeable mechanical switches, on the other hand, will be available from Logitech itself and in stores at an MSRP of 129 euros. You will also be able to buy replacement packs with 92 keys, which Logitech plans to offer in its own shop for around 50 euros.
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