People have been playing since time immemorial and in any form. Even a discarded soda can can provide hours of fun when turned into a soccer ball.

Board games are still very popular are presented in large numbers. But the online sector also occupies a large market share in the gaming industry. And here no one has to play alone anymore, because the signs point to multiplayer games in which several players can gamble together. Some of them are true cult games and every gamer should know them.

Grand Theft Auto – GTA V

Es lasted almost three days, until GTA V was able to generate over a billion US dollars. It's been a few years since it was released and the popularity of the fifth installment in a legendary series hasn't changed. The single player campaign takes two to three days, after which it is no longer interesting. However, the focus is on the multiplayer mode, which offers a lot of variety and fun for several players.

Racing together, heating through the cities and chasing other players, completing missions, robbing banks or gambling in the casino, GTA V makes all of this possible and Publisher Rockstar ensures that new offers are always integrated. New heists and increasingly tricky missions are responsible for the fact that GTA V never gets bored and instead new gamers keep coming, even years after the release.

Rainbow Six Siege - the action-packed MP shooter

Rainbow Six Siege is the answer to Counter-Strike and a major milestone for all players with tactical operator choices. This is all about tactics, but not all about the weapon. Reconnaissance and planning your own attack are just as necessary as a steady hand and the willingness to fire at the right moment. Each operator has their own abilities, so an important decision is already made when choosing the character.

The game is played in teams of five, which can consist of either friends or strangers. Communication takes place via voice chat so that teams can coordinate optimally. The regular replenishment of content and recurring seasons ensure that Rainbow Six Siege is still a hit seven years after its release.

Counter Strike Global Offensive – the veteran

Counter Strike Global Offensive or CS:GO is one of the video Games, which seem simply indestructible. Originally released in August 2012, CS:GO was the sequel to Counter Strike Source, but this time the focus was solely on multiplayer. Here, too, the game is played in teams of five, always two against each other. Terrorists and anti-terrorist units meet in several rounds and have the task of eliminating the opposing team.

The community has already implemented so many maps and special functions that there is no boredom with CS:GO. A battle royal mode has also been integrated under the title Danger Zone. Due to the exorbitant skill curve, CS:GO now has a permanent place in the e-sports scene, legendary tournaments and championships attract millions of viewers to the screen.

Borderlands 3 – the brightly colored comic shooter

The third part of the Borderlands series was released in September 2019 and is still providing fun and action to this day. Four heroes are allowed to use their unique abilities in comic style to shoot the strangest weapons and improve their own level. In addition to the co-op campaign, which takes around 40 hours to complete, the game's endgame arenas are particularly popular.

To this day, gamers debate whether any other game ever had as many weapons as Borderlands 3. Even veteran players who have been an active member of the Borderlands community for well over a year still find new weapons to discover. The funny NPCs with their own stories increase the fun factor, so that Borderlands 3 doesn't get boring.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - the party hit for young and old

A study has shown that gaming is good for social behavior, which probably applies to almost every game, but not to Mario Kart 8. This cult classic is considered a friendship killer and a guarantee for rage, but only as long as the screen is switched on. The focus is on the characters from Nintendo's Mario universe, who compete against each other in funny karts and on strange bikes. It doesn't just go in a circle, but over hurdles, obstacles and through tunnels. Only those who can outperform all their opponents will reach the finish line.

The nasty thing about it is that not only skill and vehicle play a role, but also the favor of the opponent. Because they have a lot of possibilities to use red and green tanks, banana peels, bombs and inkblots to ensure that the confident ride turns into an embarrassing crash landing. And even if you have left all your opponents behind, victory is far from assured. The game's blue tank only hits 1st place in a racing group and can certainly make you want to pull your opponent's ears straight.

Lets Sing - for the really weird tones

Not only on New Year's Eve, but also on every other evening of the year, Lets Sing is a cult game when friends get together and want to experience a little variety. The karaoke game appears in a new version every year with the best songs of the year and lots of variety. It can be played on the Nintendo Switch, but also on Playstation and Xbox. Plug in the microphones and you're good to go.

There can also be winners when it comes to singing, because the mechanics of the game make it possible to determine the exactness of the tones. If you sing an octave too high or too low here, virtual tomatoes will be thrown at you very quickly. And at the latest when the neighbors ring and complain about the hopeless howling, it's clear that the singing talent isn't in the best of hands.

Rocket League - the gigantic car party

Rocket League has not only made it into the ESL, but is also one of the most action-packed and popular multiplayer games ever. This is about football, but you don't play with your feet, but with the car. Whether the ball goes into the goal depends solely on driving technique and the ability to use the right booster at the right time.

The game is played in teams, which can also consist of two, three or four players. Numerous arenas are available and the developer Psyonix is ​​constantly bringing new gadgets into play. Rocket League can also be played with an ice puck in an exciting snowy landscape. Speed, responsiveness and strong nerves are the most important helpers to lead the team to victory.

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