Attention players! Gamescom, one of the largest video and online games fairs in the world, will be back soon and in its largest known version to date. Europe is preparing for spring and for Cologne this means that 2017 can be described as the year of records. The city is already preparing to show itself from its most beautiful side in August, especially when it comes to accommodating the masses of gamers who will pour through the numerous Roman city gates for this mega-event.

Gamescom 2017: Get ready

This is of course not easy, as the city is bursting at the seams for this event, which is now marked with a red line in the calendar for many. As an event visitor, this problem can of course only be avoided by following a Residential accommodation look around and, above all, look around early Tickets takes care. The advance booking for this already started on March 08th and the name Cologne is certainly an important factor, the attraction of which, due to its history as a Roman metropolis on the Rhine, should not be underestimated. In terms of flair, this city can probably also be described as the most Mediterranean of all German cities.

Madrid or Cologne: the main thing is Mediterranean

There are certainly many reasons for this. However, the three most important should be emphasized, without which it could be really difficult to find your way around this wonderful city:
First of all, when it comes to the behavior of the always open and sympathetic people of Cologne, one should not forget the influence of the Carnival, which is based on the whole Cologne year and which completely paralyzes the city every year in February or March and transforms it into a madhouse.
Second is the influence of the mighty and monumental Cologne Cathedral, the Cologne cathedral, not to underestimate. Two worlds collide here, on the one hand the colorful and crazy carnival and on the other hand the Catholic Church with its powerful influence on everyone's life, even in a multicultural city like this one.

Last but not least, the Rhine must not be forgotten, which, as a source of trade and exchange, has certainly also greatly influenced the Cologne spirit and which has linked the city with other European cities for ages. Meanwhile, this trade and exchange has shifted from ships to computers and spread all over the world. That also has Cologne understood when the city decided 8 years ago to bring Gamescom into its own city walls and offer the gamers among you an unforgettable spectacle.

So there are certainly many reasons to visit this wonderful city and Gamescom is just one of many. And the fact that online ticket sales have already started should give you food for thought. However, if you are one of those who prepare properly for such events and take the whole thing in a really professional way, then you would certainly be advised to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet and get in the mood for what is coming to Cologne in August. In addition, there are currently many events that take place all over Europe, whereby one of the main events in Rozvadov, in the Czech Republic. Equipped with so many good tips, there is nothing left but to wish you a great game spring and never forget: Everything a really good gamer needs in life is Bread and games!