The time has come in four months: From August 23 to 27, 2023, Gamescom, the world's largest games event, will take place in Cologne and online worldwide. As of today, the ticket shop is open, where trade and private visitors can purchase their Gamescom ticket. If you want to be there at Gamescom in Cologne, you should act as soon as possible. Because also this year applies: First come, first serve!

All Gamescom tickets can only be bought in the official online ticket shop at On-site purchase of tickets is not possible.

Buying tickets is more convenient this year: private visitors can now buy personalized tickets for additional adults and minors (limited to a maximum of 10 tickets per day). The tickets are sent as PDFs and can be saved in the wallet of the respective mobile device. At the same time, the tickets will be made available on Gamescom now. This means that the use of the trade fair app for ticket display from the previous year is no longer necessary.

The prices are rising again significantly: Although they remain comparatively stable for Thursday and Friday, you have to dig quite deep into your pocket for a ticket on Saturday. The reduced Saturday ticket costs 28 euros, the regular price is even 36 euros. For comparison: last year, fans had to pay 30,50 euros on Saturday. After all: Sunday is cheaper. Gaming fans have to send EUR 3,50 less through the virtual payment nirvana. 

And families also pay more – significantly: The Gamescom ticket for up to five people costs between 60 and 75 euros, depending on the day of the week. Last year the price was still 40 or 50 euros. 

The Gamescom tickets 2023

Day tickets for private visitors

Day tickets for private visitors are only available in the Gamescom online ticket shop while stocks last. So if you definitely want to be there at the gaming and community festival of the year, play the latest games for the first time and experience other highlights of Gamescom live on site, you should buy a ticket as soon as possible.

Evening ticket for private visitors

Also this year there is a discounted evening ticket for the public days. This means that access to the entertainment area is possible from 16 p.m. Experience has shown that many holders of day tickets leave the site around midday or end the Gamescom day in one of the event areas. This increases the chance of faster access to the latest attractions at the stands in the early evening.

family ticket

Good news for all gaming-loving families: The family ticket is available again this year. What is new is that the personalization of the tickets for family members takes place in the ticket shop and no longer in the entrance area, as was previously the case. The ticket is valid for a maximum of five people, including a maximum of two adults and at least one child aged 7-12. The contingent of family tickets is also limited, they are only available while stocks last.

Three days of pure business: tickets for trade visitors

Tickets for trade visitors are also available from today in the online ticket shop. Trade visitors can purchase day tickets for all days of Gamescom. Similar to the period of the business area (August 23-25), 3-day tickets are also available. All of these ticket variants allow access to the business area and entertainment area.

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