Gamescom will take place without Nintendo this year - that's official now. Gamescom is actually a "key event" for the Japanese console manufacturer and game developer, as a company spokesman said. Nevertheless, one renounces. Nintendo leaves a gap at Gamescom, but somehow not - at least this year.

The games industry is already starting in June, with several events taking place at which publishers and developers will present their new projects. What exactly Nintendo is up to is still unclear. On the other hand, it is clear what Nintendo will not do: participate in Gamescom 2022, for example. Despite the key event in Nintendo's event calendar, the next Gamescom will be skipped - which will take place in Cologne for the first time after the compulsory Corona break.

Gamescom without Nintendo is not permanent

The news hit the industry: Gamescom 2022 will take place without Nintendo. The first major publisher to cancel the Cologne gaming fair, at least for this year. Nintendo did not state the reasons for this, so one can only guess how this decision came about. The aftermath of the corona pandemic, but also its further course, may be two factors that played into Nintendo's consideration of whether or not to take part in the trade fair: the scarcity of resources and challenges in the global logistics sector persist, including the chip manufacturers' productivity, which continues to be impaired.

On the one hand, Nintendo may not do so because the presence of Gamescom could not noticeably boost sales of the consoles. On the other hand, the pandemic situation has eased, but Corona is probably not over. An even more contagious omicron variant was rampant in Portugal and could – analogous to the dominance of the mutations before – also spread in this country. Instead of in large halls, Nintendo will promote itself and its products at various events in Germany - the console manufacturer announced this parallel to the Gamescom cancellation.

There, Nintendo could then bring the current and future new releases to the fans in a targeted manner. Not much is happening in Nintendo's new line-up this year anyway - and nothing big at all. Zelda - Breath of the Wild 2? Not clear. Metroid? no Something with Mario? Yes, football, but that will be released on June 10th, but due to the topic it shouldn't be suitable as a mass product, even if it could become a bestseller and could also be used for a fun Gamescom presentation. However, the game would then be more than two months old, so not really new anymore. At most, Bayonetta 3, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope or Splatoon 3 could be shown, but the target group for these titles can also be reached through smaller events.

There is no new Nintendo Switch this year – the OLED version had already been improved. Nintendo's waiver may also be strategic. They want to get the masses really excited for 2023 and a return of the console giant. – and then at Gamescom Nintendo presents the new “Nintendo Switch 2”, “Super Nintendo Switch”, “Nintendo Switch Ultimate”, or whatever.

Nintendo has long since migrated to virtual worlds to show its games. And obviously there are no disadvantages. As of March 31, 2022, Nintendo had sold 107,65 million copies of the Switch. And when it comes to games, the manufacturer sets a record: around 235 million switch titles went over the counter in the past financial year – the best numbers ever. Of course, Pokemon has its share of the bear (30 million)*. Gamescom 2022 just might not be necessary for Nintendo to boost sales and marketing.

Nintendo is leaving a gap this year because the colorful and interactive hall presence is a real magnet, especially for families and children. Nintendo is leaving a gap because fans are missing out on the current mega-player in console sales. However, the Japanese group does not leave any gaps because it is simply impossible to show any relevant titles.

But that won't be permanent. Like other publishers, Nintendo considers the fair to be central to the events calendar. You can hardly attract more attention from the target group, but you have to have titles that are worth presenting. Things could look very different at Nintendo in 2023: Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, maybe new hardware – next year things could be really booming for Nintendo in Cologne. How some other publishers will proceed this year is still open - by no means all giants have confirmed their participation.

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