Gamescom 20 begins in Cologne on August 2019: Tickets for some public days are already sold out. As the organizers have announced, day tickets for Friday and Saturday are sold out - there are no more tickets available for trade visitors on the last two days of Gamescom. For the other tickets for private visitors, the contingents are running out - even if tickets are currently still available in advance for Wednesday and Thursday. 

The organizers of Gamescom 2019 cannot complain about a lack of interest on the part of visitors: the day tickets for Friday and Saturday (August 24 and 24) are completely sold out. Of course, fans still have a chance to visit the fair on these two days. 

Evening tickets are still available for all public days

The new evening tickets are available in the online ticket shop for all public days of Gamescom, with which the Koelnmesse grounds can be entered from 16 p.m. Day tickets are also still available for the public days Wednesday and Thursday. For the first time this year, a discounted evening ticket can be purchased in advance for the public days at a price of seven euros. Holders of an evening ticket can then spend time in the entertainment area from 16 p.m. to 20 p.m. Holders of the evening ticket can experience Gamescom after the highly frequented "rush hour" (usually with the opening and then until the early afternoon).

There is also a limited contingent of pre-entry tickets for the first two public days Wednesday (August 2019) and Thursday (August 21) in 22. Owners of these tickets will be given admission to the entertainment area from 9 a.m. - one hour before the official opening for private visitors.
Pre-entry tickets are only available while stocks last. Holders of this ticket variant are asked to only use the south or north entrances.

Full halls: patience was required last year

Families also have to hurry this year, because ticket contingents are running out for them too. Family tickets are aimed at families with a maximum of two parents (or legal guardians) and at least two children between the ages of seven and eleven. The family ticket purchased in the official online ticket shop will be converted into single tickets at the ticket offices on site. The family constellation is also checked there. For quick access to the Family & Friends Area, the organizers recommend entering Gamescom via the south entrance. The status of the availability of the family tickets says: "A few hundred tickets for Wednesday and Thursday."

Due to the high demand, the organizers recommend to all interested visitors: "Anyone who definitely wants to be there at Gamescom 2019 should secure their ticket in the Gamescom Ticket Shop as soon as possible". Advance tickets are only available while stocks last. 

Information and all tickets that are still available can be found at

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