This year, for the first time, there is something very special for “super fans” in the Gamescom online ticket shop: the Gamescom Super Fan Box! For a limited time only, from April 11th to May 19th, 2019, interested game fans (#SUPERFAN2019) can purchase this exclusive bundle.

Limited promotional period for the fan box

There are two different versions of SuperfanBoxes: One consists of three gamescom merchandise items in an exclusive design, including a unisex T-shirt, a festival bracelet, a personalized badge and a gamescom pre-entry ticket for Wednesday (21.08.) or Thursday (August 22.08nd). Holders of a pre-entry ticket will be given admission to the entertainment area from 9 a.m., one hour before the official opening for private visitors. In addition, the SuperfanBox is also available as a pure merch package without a gamescom pre-entry ticket. This box contains the unisex T-shirt, the festival bracelet and the personalized badge from the exclusive design series. The gamescom SuperfanBox with pre-entry ticket costs 75 euros, without pre-entry ticket 44 euros. The special boxes can be purchased in the official gamescom ticket shop. This way to the gamescom super fan box (s):

Both game fans who have already purchased a ticket for Gamescom 2019 (open to everyone from August 21 to 24) and those who buy their ticket between April 11 and May 19 in the online ticket shop of Gamescom buyers have the option of purchasing one of the Super Fan Boxes as well. Important: The box campaign will only run from April 11 to May 19, 2019. The fan boxes will be sent to their new owners by post from mid-July. Gamescom super fans are thus perfectly equipped for their visit to the world's largest event for computer and video games.

Just the calm before the storm: The "super fans" are usually the fastest fans. Photo: André Volkmann (archive)
Just the calm before the storm: The "super fans" are usually the fastest fans. Photo: André Volkmann (archive)

From August 21 to 24, 2019 (open to everyone), game fans can look forward to a comprehensive range of gaming options and a top-class event experience. If you definitely want to be there live at Gamescom 2019, you should secure your Gamescom ticket in the Gamescom online ticket shop as soon as possible, because for many years in a row it was called “pre-sale”. And this year, too, the interest in Gamescom tickets is enormous: 24 hours after the ticket shop opened on March 6, 2019, more than 50.000 tickets were sold - the early bird contingents have already been completely used up. Click here for the Gamescom online ticket shop

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