The jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV selected some of the highlights of the current game year to be award winners - also in 2021. The nominations for the three main categories as well as the games on the recommendation lists have been determined. The traditional Berlin publisher Schmidt Spiele was able to place itself on the latter with a total of three titles, including two children's board games and a family game. 

The Spiel des Jahres eV only had the live stream on Monday Nominations for this year's game awards proclaimed. In addition, it was announced which titles are recommended for the children's game, connoisseur game and game of the year.

Game of the year 2021: Zombie Surprise

From around 400 tested games, the jury ultimately presented three favorites and also presented a longlist for each category. This list contains other games that were well received by the experts. There was joy at that Nominations and recommendations from many publishers

The publishing house Schmidt Spiele was also represented on the longlist three times: while “Hipp Hopp Hippo” and “Käpt'n Kuller” scored points with the children's game jury, the card game “Biss 20” made it onto the longlist for the game of the year 2021 made.

Two to four players, ages five and up, help their gang of monkeys across the river in "Hipp Hopp Hippo", where they have to collect as many bananas as possible. Hippos have made themselves comfortable in the water and serve as a bridge for the monkeys. These represent the running route, which however changes again and again in the course of the game. According to the running die, the games move their monkeys on the game board - and the backs of the hippos - forward. With the color die, movement comes into play, because a new hippopotamus card is pushed into the game board, which also results in a new running route. Sometimes a hippopotamus goes underground - and a monkey goes swimming. If a player manages to get one of his monkeys across the river, he can choose a banana box. The game ends as soon as a player has brought his last monkey figure to the finish. Then the secret of the boxes is revealed and each player counts the fruits they have acquired. If you can poke the most bananas, you win the game with your monkey gang.

Hippo hopping on a changing game plan is on the program at "Hipp Hopp Hippo". Image: Schmidt Games

Hippo hopping on a changing game plan is on the program at “Hipp Hopp Hippo”. Image: Schmidt Games

Things are turbulent on the pirate ship of "Captain Kuller". Two to four players, ages five and up, try to secure gold coins. But that only works if you skilfully let the ball fly through a pipe and hit the diamonds. The aim is to get hold of one of each of the four types of coins. Part of the ship's equipment is a pipe, two balls and - most importantly - diamonds and gold coins. In turn, the young pirates whiz the ball. Whoever manages to use the ball to move the diamonds from the upper deck to the lower deck can keep them and put them in front of them. A player may take one of the exposed gold coins as soon as he has captured the diamonds that are depicted on the coin.

Two to eight players, ages seven and up, have to prove their ability to concentrate and remember in “Biss 20” by “Drei Magier”. In turn, the group counts again and again from 1 to 20. But with each round a new rule is added that is related to a certain number. For this purpose, the players reveal a new number and task card after each successful counting round. For example, you may have to wave at the number “9” in the future or instead of “32” make a moo sound instead of naming the number. Wrong answers - or forgotten rules - cost the group a gem and have to start counting. The number of stones depends on the level of difficulty of the game, which the group determines together at the beginning. The game ends as soon as all rule cards have been successfully resolved and implemented. In this case, the group won together. However, if all gems have been used up beforehand, the game is lost.


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