With Clinic Rush, Sobek - The Duel and Living Forest, three new family games have recently been released by Pegasus Games. From the management of a hospital to trade in ancient Egypt to nature spirits in a mystical forest, players can experience many hours of fun with the novelties.

The publisher Pegasus Spiele has launched three new board games for families - the themes are completely different. From mysticism to stress in everyday hospital life to trade in ancient Egypt, there is a colorful bouquet of backgrounds.

Hospital, Forest and Ancient Egypt

A mystical forest, source of calm and peace, is threatened by the devastating flames of the Onibi. In Living Forest, two to four players aged ten and up want to act as nature spirits to protect the forest and put a stop to Onibi by extinguishing flames, planting protective trees or awakening Sanki, the forest guardian. They get help from forest animals like squirrels, badgers and owls. Living Forest is an elevated family game with push-your-luck mechanism and atmospheric illustrations. Although all players try to save the forest, in the end only one can win.

The game ends when one person has planted twelve different trees, extinguished twelve flames, or collected twelve sacred flowers, thereby awakening Sanki. Aske Christiansen's game won the French game of the year, the Jeu de l'Année, in the Initié category (insider/expert game) in February. In participating specialist shops, customers receive the two promo cards Onibi & Sanki free of charge with their purchase. This offer is valid while stocks last. If you want to know more about the gameplay of Living Forest, you can find a designer diary on the Pegasus Games Blog and a teaser video on the Pegasus Games YouTube channel.

Like its independent predecessor Kitchen Rush, Clinic Rush is a cooperative real-time game. Instead of running a restaurant, one to four players from the age of ten run a hospital and treat patients. The workers are again represented by hourglasses that are placed on action spaces. The players record patient data, carry out examinations, analyze blood counts, determine bacterial cultures or fill up the hospital pharmacy - preferably quickly and accurately, of course, otherwise the press will find out about it and the reputation of the hospital will deteriorate. A multi-part campaign introduces the rules of the game by author trio Anthony Howgego, Konstantinos Kokkinis and Dávid Turczi. Additional challenges and four levels of difficulty demand everything from the players. Those interested can find out more about the gameplay of Clinic Rush in the teaser video.

In Sobek – The Duel, two players aged ten and up slip into the roles of merchants in ancient Egypt. A market has sprung up in the shadow of the construction site for the new Sobek Temple, and the trade guilds see their chance to get rich. If a person takes goods from the market, they also realign the ankh and thus determine which goods are now available to the other side.

With the help of useful contacts to powerful personalities and bribes at the right moment, valuable sets must be collected and sold at a profit. Whoever collects the most victory points before one of the players can no longer carry out any actions wins this tactical collecting game by the authors Bruno Cathala and Sébastien Pauchon

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