The publisher HCM Kinzel has presented its innovations for spring 2021 as part of the online offshoot of the Nuremberg Toy Fair, "BrandNew". The Swabian publisher has a broad portfolio, but cannot avoid one trend: escape game formats. 

In spring, HCM Kinzel focuses on having fun and enjoying playing. The series of brain games and a new type of puzzles, which are accompanied by short stories, as well as escape room games that can be played like a TV thriller in your own four walls will be further expanded. They should go on sale in March. The publisher is presenting its innovations at this week's virtual toy fair.

Exit - The Game: The Abduction in Fortune City

Cubimag Pro by Ludilo in the Brain Game series is the logical continuation of the Cubimag 3D game. With 180 pieces, there are now even more magnetic puzzle pieces in a beautifully transparent design for professionals. A book provides the 48 tasks in three different levels of difficulty. For a player aged six and over. Cubimag Junior however, has a version with 60 tasks for the little ones from three years of age.

Trapped from The Fantastic Factory delivers three completely new escape room games. Posters and notes are placed in different places in the escape room at home, not on the table. It plays like a TV thriller - only literally in your own four walls. For 2 to 6 players, ages 8+.

Crime puzzles with star detectives

Another highlight are probably the escape puzzles, which basically rely on classic mechanisms, but focus on popular crime stories, namely works by Bruce Whitehill, John Lutz and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes, Murder on the Titanic, Orient -Express and murder on the Nile.

The Murder puzzles offer four different topics: You don't know the result when you start. You build with the short story and only know the solution to the crime thriller - and thus the murderer - once you have laid the last piece of the puzzle. The games are aimed at players aged 15 and over.

The artwork is not yet final, but the gameplay is already known. Image: HCM Kinzel

The artwork is not yet final, but the gameplay is already known. Image: HCM Kinzel

Games that are awareness-raising Matchmaster (from 5 years) by Treo Game Designers, in which the search changes every time a card is revealed, as well as Cube  (from 6 years) in which the uncovered picture is recreated with your own wooden cubes: a laughing, crying or even a sad face.

For the little players, HCM Kinzel has the card game Word Flash Junior in the luggage. The simple premise: everyone is looking for the right word at the same time. The game is suitable for two kids from 6 years of age. at Piranha pool five boards with different fish should be placed according to the task card. The instructions on the edge of the pool must be followed. For a child from 5 years in the Brain Game series. By Thierry Denoual.

GoPop by Theora Design - sold millions of times as a gadget in the USA. Easily in your pocket or for a game for two under the motto: Get your teammate to hit the last bubble on the field. For two players, ages five and up.

The Box of Rocks was announced in autumn. This crazy party and friends game from the Herbert Brothers went on sale in early January. For one player and more - from the age of twelve.



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