Established in 2014, Spielpunkt – Games and entertainment established over the years to a well-known games portal. With the fundamental revision of the website in 2019 and an expansion to include entertainment topics, the portal should continue to grow in the future. So that this can succeed, we are looking for reinforcements in all departments.

Would you like to be part of the team?

We are currently looking for young editors for all subject areas. At best, you are a real expert in your hobby and not only want to inform readers, but also to entertain them. We love games, films, series, books and “nerdy stuff” - so you should too.

Are you interested in board games, video games, hardware, films, books or geek stuff? Do you write with enthusiasm and are you looking for a way to get your articles published? Do you feel at home in your “specialty” and are you always up to date? Do you ask the right questions at the right time and can you imagine taking part in games events, trade fair events and conventions to report on them? Great, then please contact us!

We are always looking for new editors to complement our existing team. Applications are not limited to one subject area: we are also happy to set up new departments based on your ideas.

Don't panic: we'll train you

If you are a board gamer, film fan, gamer or let's player, or if you are just enthusiastic about games and / or entertainment, but have not yet gained any editorial experience, that is no problem for us. Step by step, we will introduce you to working with test samples, press releases and post topics. We'll tell you what is important in independent and objective games and entertainment journalism. As part of our team, you should have fun and learn - maybe because online editing is your dream job, for which you would like to gain initial experience and references.

Our offer

  • Exciting subject areas
  • Experienced editors to support you
  • Several thousand readers who want to read your article
  • Insights into the relevant industries
  • The opportunity to participate in events, fairs, conventions and exhibitions
  • The chance to let off steam creatively
  • Test patterns (video games, board games, films, books, nerd stuff, etc.)
  • Your own editorial email address
  • The opportunity to gain editorial experience and actively contribute to a project

What we can't offer you

  • A fixed remuneration, because we have no funds for it. But: You can of course keep the test samples sent to you - and you don't have to pay for admission to events that you report on.

What you should offer us

  • Enthusiasm for what you do
  • Interest in your "areas of expertise"
  • A high degree of initiative and self-management
  • The will to make new contacts
  • If applicable, existing gaming hardware (consoles, gaming PC, smart devices - depending on the topic)
  • Of course, excellent spelling and very good knowledge of English
  • majority
  • Activity: The most important basic requirement: You should research and publish the latest news several times a week. We deliberately do not want to inflate our editorial team. We don't work with the motto “We have 35 authors and each of them writes an article per month”, because you should have time and invest to improve your skills.
  • The will not only to copy the press release, but to use it to create a contribution that informs and entertains the readership
  • Photo skills helpful but not necessary


Our editor-in-chief looks forward to your message. Use the contact form below and specifically address the following points in the text field:

  • What motivates you to do voluntary editorial work?
  • Information about yourself, your game preferences and, for video game editors, your gaming equipment
  • Your expectations of us
  • Your previous experiences

Let's go!