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We've been playing for decades - and since 2014 we've been writing about our hobby every day. Started as a pure board game portal, we now cover many topics of the analog and digital game worlds - over the years entertainment content has been added, including films, series and books.

“You can get to know a person better in an hour through play than in a year through conversation.” – Plato





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We are looking for news writers to strengthen our editorial team: Are you a passionate gamer, film fan or do you like series? Do you surf the internet every day and literally absorb industry reports? Would you like to actively participate in the editorial work of an entertainment portal and also contribute ideas? Do you find the right words when it comes to passing on your expert knowledge to readers? Excellent, maybe we're looking for you then.

You research independently or in consultation on various topics from the world of games and entertainment, write news reports and later also tests and reviews on current products on the market. Curiosity is the absolute basic requirement: you should not only be passionate about playing, but also show interest in the industry.

During your induction, we rely on structure and support: you learn the first steps by writing news reports, you have the opportunity to improve yourself and to find your style.

Later you publish your articles independently and self-organized. Of course, the more active you are, the faster you can learn to master the challenges of everyday editorial work.

Test samples will be made available to you after an appropriate training period by arrangement. And: You can and should also write about the favorite games you own.

If you are reliable and curious, and don't shy away from "work" for your hobby, then get in touch with us and volunteer as an author.

You can currently participate in these areas
  • board Games
  • Role-playing games and pen & paper
  • LARP
  • video Games
  • Hardware
  • Movie
  • The series
  • Books
  • Toys

What we expect:

  • Multiple articles per month: The scope depends on the topic – the range extends from short news items of around 400 words to longer articles of 2.000+ words.
  • Activity: We don't inflate the editorial team for the sake of team size. We prefer a small, active circle of authors to a bunch of co-writers who ultimately contribute little or not at all. Not without reason…
  • willingness to learn: ...because you should also take something away from your time with us, especially experiences from everyday editorial work. We therefore absolutely presuppose a willingness to learn.
  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Enthusiasm for your department: We don't just want to inform, we want to get others interested in games and entertainment. You should live that.
  • Confident in languages: Confident German, both spoken and written, is a mandatory requirement. You should at least understand English.
  • Reliability: We have to be able to rely on you. You should keep speeches and be reliable in internal communication. 

What you can expect:

  • Experienced editors to help you: We've been "in the business" for years, sometimes even full-time. You can benefit from this and learn from us what is important in handmade game journalism. 
  • A relaxed attitude: The Spielpunktportal is our hobby, so you can expect a relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, we make demands on the quality - this applies to the content as well as the style.  
  • Insights into editorial work: It's about games and fun, but there is also editorial work behind our project. We work no differently than large editorial offices. 
  • Opportunities to participate in trade fairs and conventions (by arrangement): Visiting trade fairs, conventions and meetings is not just a leisure activity, but part of our news content. After an induction period and in consultation, we will also give you access to events. You can report live on site.
  • Test sample (after consultation and training period): Reviews, game and hardware tests are an integral part of our portfolio of topics. You can also cover this area if you have settled in and are active. 
  • The chance to get involved with ideas: You can bring in your ideas. You don't like writing and would you rather make videos or record a podcast? Why not, we can implement the plans together with you if your commitment is right. 

Any Questions?

Do you have questions or are unsure whether you should participate? Just send us an e-mail so that we can clarify any uncertainties before you apply.

Email:  info@spielpunkt. Net

Apply now!