The Swiss-Polish development studio Blindflug Studios today unveils its latest project: Ground of Aces is a base-building game set in World War II. In it, players build and control an air force base inhabited by many different pilots and crew members. The title is slated for a PC release in 2024.

One starts today Kickstarter campaign, which supports the development. In Ground of Aces, players can build and control a World War II airbase inhabited by a diverse cast of pilots and crew members. Ground of Aces can be played in an endless free building mode, while the theatrical campaigns offer players special insights into WWII and the challenges faced by air bases - for example the history of the Battle of Britain.

Inspired by Rimworld and Hearts of Iron IV

The game is inspired by building games like Rimworld and Going Medieval, as well as historical strategy games like Hearts of Iron IV. The drawing style will pay homage to the "ligne claire" style of Franco-Belgian comics like Biggles and Buck Danny.

The main pillars of Ground of Aces:

  • Basically a development game: The basis arises from the game decisions and is therefore individual and unique. It serves as a personal home for aircraft and crew members
  • Crew Personal Stories: The residents of the base are not just resources, they are people shaped by war. Each person is important and has their own personality. Players will get to know every character on the base and mourn every loss.
  • An aviation enthusiast's dream: during the campaign, players gain access to historically significant aircraft. Players can upgrade their parts and customize them in their own visual style.
  • World War II Immersion: Players experience battles from the perspective of the crew of their base. They prepare for missions, send out pilots and arm themselves for enemy attacks.

Moritz Zumbühl, co-founder and executive producer at Blindflug Studios, has been working on the idea for Ground of Aces for several years: “As a big history, aviation and base building fan, it struck me that there are no building games that stand out Focus on World War II military airfields. Together with my team we want to close this gap. We look forward to finally sharing this heartfelt project with the gaming community and other history buffs.”

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