Several new Blizzard games will end up in Game Pass, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer has confirmed. He explicitly mentions Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty.

The deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard seems to be bearing fruit: As Games boss Phil Spencer confirms in a blog post, Activision Blizzard's game library is also to be made available in Game Pass. Spencer says this includes Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty, among others. 

Blizzards Games in subscription service

It confirms what fans have suspected since the announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard: As with the Bethesda titles, Microsoft also wants to integrate the Activision games into the Game Pass. 

“We intend to make Activision Blizzard's popular library of games—including Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty—available in Game Pass and grow these communities,” said Spencer. In this way, the aim is to offer players additional added value in the Game Pass and to further expand the service - also in relation to the attractiveness on mobile phones and other connected devices. The games boss hinted that Activision Blizzard games could be playable on other devices via cloud streaming.

The news is not surprising, especially since Spencer names those titles that seem suitable for the Game Pass anyway. It is unclear whether and what will happen to the Warcraft franchise if the takeover is successful. Finally, the integration of World of Warcraft would also be theoretically possible, at least in the PC game pass – similar to the MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. It is possible that the Warcraft MMORPG could even be adapted for the Xbox console in the long term – this is pure speculation and a dream of the future, but it would be technically possible due to the convergence of consoles and PC. 

By the way: Call of Duty should also be available for Playstation from release. At least there will be no exclusivity with the shooter, as Spencer informs. 

Accordingly, Phil Spencer's current contribution must also be classified in terms of content and time. The response came as part of an investigation by regulators into Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Sony had criticized that a possible Call of Duty exclusivity would influence the choice when buying a console. According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft wants to be transparent about the takeover.


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