AI has long ceased to be just science fiction; it has long since been integrated into everyday life almost unnoticed. From facial recognition software to self-driving cars. But other areas are also strongly influenced by the technology of AI, so the entire area of ​​games is now successfully integrated.

Some Player manufacturer of casino games clearly ensure a special gaming experience that is only possible with the help of the AI. Overall, non-player characters (NPCs) have become indispensable in the Kosmos game.

Game developers set high standards

In recent years, the standard game developers have set for NPCs has become more and more demanding. Today's NPCs are programmed in such a way that they are now able to make complex decisions. The game Halo 2 is a good example of such an advancement. Here the enemy aliens are able to work together and coordinate their attacks.

As a result, they no longer just run ruthlessly into the line of fire. But it is also clear that the NPC is only as intelligent as its code. Here everything is precisely defined by the developers, otherwise the NPC could move freely in the game and then no longer pursue their original function of helping the player.

The role of AI in games

The rule sets in the games are becoming more and more complex. This is the only way the characters can ultimately react credibly to the game behavior. For the most part, intelligent behavior is simulated here. Thus, the main task of the AI ​​is the Game world so believable as possible. At the same time, the game worlds continue to grow in size, which at the same time leads to increased demands on the AI.

In fact, they can video Games can even be an important test platform for AI systems, because they encourage difficult thinking within certain parameters. Probably the most famous example of this is the Deep Blue chess computer from IBM, which defeated the world chess champion Gary Kasparov 20 years ago.

In the further development, two AI-controlled Spielbots passed the so-called Games Turing test in the game Unreal Tournament 2012 in 2004. This is a modified version of the Turing test. The point here is that viewers can determine whether the gaming behavior corresponds to the game of a human or a bot.

The machines learn

In the game Starcraft, which is considered a real-time strategy game, eSports professionals and an AI from Google subsidiary Deep Mind face each other. Previously, the AI ​​was trained with a database based on games played by humans. In this game the human won. But there was also another game, this was played by a bot from OpenAI (research organization). The bot was taught the game Dota with the help of machine learning. This bot can play against itself day after day for a period of 180 days. In this way he learns successful ways of playing. The result was that he was now able to defeat well-known and successful professionals.

The eSports professionals can also benefit from the use of these technologies. Because here, too, successful strategies of the bot can be adapted in this way. The findings from the games can even be used in research. In this way, algorithms can be designed even better.

Game development and AI technologies

Artificial intelligence technology is not only used as a sparring partner in games, but also always plays an elementary role in the development process. Procedural content generation has been in use since the 1980s. It is used to reposition the objects or units on the playing surface when the game starts.

More and more neural networks and machine learning are being developed so that both game content and emotional expressions can be presented better and more realistically.

The future of AI and other technologies in games

In the future, the applications of AI will gain more and more importance in the field of games. But other technologies will also play an important role here in the future. For example, cloud gaming will play an increasingly important role in this context, which is not only reflected in developments at the manufacturer of the XBOX indicates. Ultimately, players are now used to being able to enjoy playing when and where they want. It is clear that in the future they will no longer be dependent on specific locations. In addition to the fact that game manufacturers are constantly striving for a better gaming experience simply by introducing AI, they also want to ensure that users can access their favorite games at all times.

This means that the priority that cloud gaming will ultimately have together with AI is becoming increasingly clear. In the future, players will no longer be forced to buy new games. Instead, all they need to do is take out a subscription to have optimal access to the games they want. In this way, the games can be accessed online at any time and anywhere. At the same time, a lot of valuable storage space is also saved.

VR is also an issue

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, i.e. AI and cloud, there is also another very important technology that will also revolutionize the gaming world. What is meant here is VR technology. Virtual reality has also gained enormous importance in recent years. This is especially true in the area of ​​online games. Thanks to modern VR technology, the game world is almost transformed into a perfect illusion.

Although the VR glasses were anything but comfortable in the beginning, there are now clear signs of further development. Significant technical refinements of the VR glasses ensure many optimizations of the features. Today, modern VR glasses are equipped with an integrated chip that allows them to be easily linked to a PC or smartphone.

Further innovations from which players benefit

A new level of gaming fun was created by the possibility for the players to become game designers themselves. In 2020 the game "Dreams" was released. In addition to the euphoria that flared up immediately, this game also set completely new standards in terms of online game editors.

For the first time it is possible for players to take on the role of a game designer. Thanks to a comprehensive editor, it is possible to create complex game worlds that can then later be shared with the community. Even if the basic idea with regard to the virtual game construction kit was not really new, the possibilities offered here seemed almost limitless. The players showed themselves to be extremely creative in this area, because not only whole pieces of music were composed, but also unusual racers, action shooters and many other exciting game concepts were implemented.

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