Accessory manufacturer Roccat has expanded its line-up for peripherals: With the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air gaming mice, two classics have been completely redesigned. In addition, the “Pyro” and “Magma” models are two gaming keyboards with RGB lighting. While the mice are already available, the two keyboards will be released at the end of May.

Since the introduction of Roccat's Aimo lighting system in 2017, the peripheral manufacturer, which is now part of Turtle Beach, has concentrated on making PC gaming equipment as powerful as possible and at the same time beautifully luminous. Now Roccat is adding new models of gaming mice and gaming keyboards. 

Gaming mice: Kone Air and Kone Air Pro available

Roccat's mouse model “Kone” is already around 14 years old. Apparently the time had come to reissue the classic. The two gaming mice with the model names Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air are now available in stores. Roccat announced. 

The new mice combine Roccat's “Titan Optical Switch” technology - according to the manufacturer, mouse clicks are registered up to 100 times faster than standard gaming mice. The “shape” characteristic of the Kone mice has been retained. "Roccat has put more than a decade of research into hand sizes, grip types and ergonomics so that the Kone Pro feels perfectly at home in the hands of gamers," says the Hamburg-based manufacturer. 

The refined design of the Roccat Kone Pro aims to strike a balance between the fan-favorite features of the earlier Kone Aimo and the performance of the Kone Pure. The Kone Pro mice should be characterized by a high-quality click feeling, the faster response time than mechanical switches and a long service life. Also included is the “Titan Wheel Pro” - a new, milled aluminum mouse wheel with a “precise scrolling and sensory click feel”, says Roccat. Heat-treated mouse feet made of pure PTFE should ensure good gliding properties. And: The mice have also slimmed down a lot in terms of weight. With a weight of 66 grams and 75 grams respectively, the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air are among the particularly light gaming mice.

Also available in white: Roccat's new Kone Pro Air. Photo: Roccat

Also available in white: Roccat's new Kone Pro Air. Photo: Roccat

The Kone Pro series uses Roccat's optical owl-eye sensor with 19K dpi, a high-performance sensor that precisely implements mouse movements. The Kone Pro's phantom flex cable is designed to create a feeling of unrestricted freedom of movement. The wireless Kone Pro Air, with dual connectivity via Bluetooth or 2,4 Ghz, provides even more freedom. The Kone Pro Air's quick charge feature provides up to five hours of playtime after just 10 minutes of charging, while the Stellar Wireless technology provides over 100 hours of uninterrupted playtime on a full charge.

Both models also offer Aimo RGB lighting in 16,8 million colors and can synchronize with other Aimo-enabled products to create lighting effects across multiple devices.

The mice of the Kone Pro series are available in the colors Arctic White and Ash Black. The wired Kone Pro is available at an RRP of 79,99 euros, the wireless Kone Pro Air is available at an RRP of 129,99 euros.

New gaming keyboards provide "fiery effects"

The two new gaming keyboards from Roccat are called “Pyro” and “Magma”. Both models will be available in stores from the end of May, but can already be pre-ordered. First of all, the “Magma Membrane RGB Keyboard” is noticeable. Why? Because it shines entirely: The completely illuminated top of the Magma is the stage for Roccat's RGB lighting system Aimo. The light spectacle is available for a moderate price: the accessory manufacturer calls for 59,99 euros as a recommended retail price.

In addition, a new mechanical gaming keyboard appears with the Pyro. "PC enthusiasts looking for a new mechanical gaming keyboard will find it in the Pyro, one of the most feature-rich mechanical gaming keyboards available for an MSRP of 99,99 euros," announced Roccat.

Despite many differences, the new gaming keyboards also have something in common. Magma and Pyro are both equipped with removable palm rests and media controls. And they have Roccat's Easy-Shift [+] technology, which enables the gamer to assign a second function to the buttons around WSAD.

The backlight of the keyboard promises cool lighting effects on the gaming desk. Photo: Roccat

The backlight of the keyboard promises cool lighting effects on the gaming desk. Photo: Roccat

“With Magma we are redefining membrane keyboards and pushing the boundaries of keyboard lighting yet again,” says René Korte, ROCCAT founder and general manager for PC peripherals at Turtle Beach. "With the Vulcan series and that there
we had already created an impressive RGB experience. We made the entire top of the Magma transparent in order to use the full potential of the Aimo lighting. You won't find anything like it on the market. The keyboard is also very affordable and perfect for gamers who want to flaunt their RGB gaming setup. "

The new “Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard” creates a light show in 16,8 million RGB colors with a semi-transparent top and five-zone backlighting with ten LEDs. The “Magma” is also equipped with quiet rubber dome buttons. The so-called advanced anti-ghosting ensures that gamers can press the most frequently used buttons at the same time in the heat of the moment.

The Roccat Pyro, on the other hand, is a mechanical gaming keyboard at a price of less than 100 euros. "The new design of the Pyro is reinforced by a high-quality brushed metal top and offers gamers a slim, robust and elegant mechanical keyboard," says Roccat, delighted with the design. The Pyro uses the linear (red) switches from TTC with a 2,0 mm release point, 45g actuation force and an actuation travel of 4,0 mm for a keystroke that should feel precise and reliable. According to the manufacturer, the Pyro's switches have been tested for a service life of 50 million keystrokes.

The Magma membrane gaming keyboard and the Pyro mechanical gaming keyboard will be available from participating retailers worldwide starting May 30th.


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