Gamegenic has been on the market as a board game accessory manufacturer for several years, and the portfolio of the company from the Asmodee Group has grown significantly in the meantime. And: The products are well received by players. Why? Not with magic, but with attention to detail.

Gamegenic offers "Ingenious supplies". At least that's what the slogan of the company around CEO Adrian Alonso promises. The boss lends a hand at the games fair in Essen, is directly with the visitors - and thus close to potential customers. Proximity to the community and the will to collect feedback from players are two central building blocks for the success of the Asmodee company so far.

Gamegenic: Colourful, robust, often practical

When Gamegenic launched in the summer of 2019, one could hardly have guessed what kind of accessories the company would bring to the market in the future. One thing was clear: with Adrian Alonso, an experienced man was at the helm of the company. The CEO was previously the lead designer behind the Ultimate Guard brand. At least high-quality card sleeves and one or the other deck box were to be expected. However, in the months that followed, Gamegenic not only gradually launched more accessories onto the market, but also developed products around practical details.

Here a little more drawer, there a lid with an alternative purpose, sometimes a nicely covered surface instead of cheap plastic - Gamegenic doesn't just produce board game accessories, the company partially reinvents them. In the scene that matters. As Gamegenics marketing man Tobias Franken explains, the new one is token silo a real hit, especially in the United States. And in fact, the plastic box, which at first glance seems boring, presents itself as a practical tool that can make life easier for board or card players.

This is one of the approaches pursued at Gamegenic: Practical features should ensure simplification. Faster sorting, a better overview, clever transport solutions, but also license cooperation are starting points for the development of accessories. This now includes everything from card sleeves in different strengths to play mats with storage tubes to XXL travel boxes that hold countless small-format games. At Gamegenic, you sometimes have to use pictures and videos to explain what possibilities the “ingenious supplies” actually offer. You can't see everything at first glance.

Partial customization

Partly customizable products and a colorful range offer fans the opportunity to customize their accessories, at least to a certain extent. In addition, there are licenses that make it easy for players to identify with a deck box. Gamegenic was recently able to expand its range with individualized deck boxes through a cooperation with the trading card provider Bushiroad. It will probably not have been the last partnership.

A key success factor for the Asmodee studio is the proximity to the players: "We listen to the community," explains Tobias Franken. Sometimes it doesn't stop there: the marketing man - himself a board gamer - goes to scene meetings, talks to connoisseurs and experts, collects feedback. The ideas and wishes of the players then possibly flow into the development of new accessory products. The concepts are not created by looking at the board game community from the outside, but often from within. The idea: "Players know best what players need," says Franken. Criticism is taken to heart. Gamegenic CEO Adrian Alonso also prefers honest opinions. Bought Reviews? "We won't do it," he clarifies.

So it is not magic that is behind the success of the Gamegenic ideas, but the urge to actually design new products. Pure "copycats" will therefore rarely be found. The company also serves its division because of the increased production costs, because it is not standard equipment that anyone can produce at home on a 3D printer. Gamegenic therefore sells a product, even though experienced board gamers are great inventors themselves: Boxes from the hardware store or junk shop are then used for storage, sometimes produced inlays on the home high-tech printer or headed to the nearest library that has such a device.


The deck boxes, among other things, are colorful and of high quality. Photo: Gamegenic

Some accessories don't really belong to a specific title, but can serve as an addition to the game collection or make travel easier - at least if board games are to be taken along in the luggage. The premium product "Games Lair' 600+ Convertible" is a good example: the box with compartments and drawers offers space for many games. In particular, small-format board games - think of Oink Games, Gamelyn or Looping Games - or card games can be stowed away safely and securely in large numbers. The game package can then be stuffed in your luggage - so you can take a sorted collection with you on vacation and don't have to laboriously unpack and pack small boxes for the table game. The board game accessory costs around 80 euros. Not few. However, there is nothing comparable with similar quality on the market. Gamegenic has more or less created a monopoly in its niche.

Not least because the Asmodee company also succeeds in marketing. It starts with the product presentation on the website: colors can be selected and displayed directly, dimensions, features and details are described, sometimes there are even videos. So you don't buy a pig in a poke as an interested party. In addition, you use social media, put your foot in the door of influencers - that helps the Gamegenic brand. Also through the crisis, by the way. Corona and the recent challenge of inflation and energy prices have so far survived in good health.

The huge crowdfunding success for the Magic deck boxes, which were created in cooperation with the Tolarian Community College, recently demonstrated how great the growth potential is. Gamegenic was ultimately able to generate around four million US dollars with “The Academic 133+ XL” – a record for an accessory.

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