The cooperation between the board game accessories manufacturer Gamegenic and the influencer format Tolarian Community College has been extremely successful. The Kickstarter campaign not only met its funding goal, it raised a record-breaking sum.

With the reaching the million mark the actors previously hit a milestone that indicated the campaign would not only be successfully funded but also currently rank among the top campaigns on Kickstarter. Within a few minutes, the deck box for Magic the Gathering “The Academic 133+ XL” had been whipped to the targeted financing goal – this was preceded by clever marketing and cooperation with well-known faces from the trading card scene.

Gamegenic with record campaign

The "Tolarian Community College", the name of a YouTube channel with around 670.000 subscribers, stands for expert knowledge about Magic the Gathering. The response to the crowdfunding campaign for a jointly designed Magic deck box was correspondingly large.

Gamegenic and the Magic YouTubers are celebrating a record with the swarm funding of the deck box “The Academic 133+ XL”: around 3,5 million US dollars were generated just a few hours before the end of the crowdfunding – so the project still has a final spurt ahead of it. Over 37.000 supporters have invested money in the project, most of them in the no-frills Student Pledge, which costs around 42 euros. Nevertheless: the exclusive Kickstarter design of the box is apparently popular, as evidenced by around 6.300 other supporters. And the limited offers are long gone.

Ultimately, this led to a record for Gamegenic: the Magic deck box campaign is one of the most funded campaigns on Kickstarter and is even likely to take the top spot in the accessories category. Crowdfunding projects popular in the board game scene such as Massive Darkness, Zombicie: Undead or Alive or Ankh: Gods of Egypt have been overtaken. For comparison, the top spots in the Games category are occupied by Frosthaven and Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5, each earning over $12 million.

The success of the campaign comes as no surprise given the product: the multi-award-winning Magic the Gathering trading card game has existed since 1993 and is known worldwide. The distribution company behind the game, Wizards of the Cost, now belongs to the Hasbro Group. And that's exactly where you celebrate monetary success with the brand classic, like the toy giant just last year in his annual report communicated. There are over 20.000 Magic cards, meanwhile also several crossovers to other well-known franchises. At its 25th anniversary, Magic the Gathering claims to have printed over 20 billion cards in its history. Apparently it's far from over, "MTG" continues to enjoy great popularity - which recently underpinned the Kickstarter campaign for the Magic deck box.

The The Academic 133+ XXL campaign on Kickstarter ends April 14, 2022.

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