Board game accessory maker Gamegenic has partnered with Japanese multimedia company Bushiroad to bring a collection of deck boxes for the trading card game Cardfight!! to launch Vanguard.

Gamegenic is already known in this country. The Asmodee Group company regularly releases accessories and sorting solutions for board games, most recently the token silo. But Bushiroad? The company founded by Takaaki Kidani stands for various trading card games, including Future Card Buddyfight, Monster Collection, King of Pro-Wrestling and Cardfight!! Vanguard. Gamegenic is now launching a collection of deck boxes for the latter title – with high-quality workmanship and in different colors, including attached symbols of the main characters – such as Megumi Okura or Danji Momoyama.

Gamegenic: Proud of creative product

Premium game accessories provider Gamegenic is proud to announce a creative product that also comes from its partnership with Bushiroad. Accordingly, Gamegenic is honored to be collaborating with industry giant Bushiroad in the opportunity to bring the first officially licensed premium deck box to Cardfight!! to create Vanguard.

The unique deck box meets the specific needs of Cardfight!! Vanguard players: It protects the cards, offers innovative functions and allows for even deeper immersion in the world of the trading card game through the use of symbols.

Shunichi Taira, Chairman & CEO, Bushiroad International comments, “We are very excited to bring this unique product to our flagship trading card game, Cardfight!! to launch Vanguard. Our team worked closely with the passionate Gamegenic staff to ensure the design and functionality of these premium deck boxes.” We want to meet the needs of the players.

Adrian Alonso, Head & CEO of Gamegenic: “Cardfight!! Vanguard deserves exceptional accessories with brilliant ideas, features and premium quality. We take the demands and needs of the players very seriously and strive to constantly rethink and improve every single detail." Alonso sees Decknoxen as a "perfect and long awaited product" for Cardfight!! Vanguard.

The new card fight!! Vanguard Box will be presented to the public for the first time and exclusively by Gamegenic in October 2022 at the Essen Games Fair. You can find the booth in Hall 2, 2B102.

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Bushiroad VGE-V-BT11 CardFight Vanguard: Storm of The Blue... Bushiroad VGE-V-BT11 CardFight Vanguard: Storm of The Blue... * Currently no reviews 39,57 EUR


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