The game accessories manufacturer Gamegenic, in cooperation with “The Professor” from the Tolarian Community College, has started crowdfunding for a deck box for Magic the Gathering – a notable milestone has now been reached. 

Tolarian Community College is one of, possibly the most popular Magic the Gathering YouTube channel. With the crowdfunding running on Kickstarter, the influencers have teamed up with the accessories manufacturer Gamegenic to bring a deck box to the fans that includes one or the other useful gimmick.

Box breaks the million mark

The "Academic 133+ XXL" deck box is apparently well received by Magic players: The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has now exceeded the one million euro mark. With a targeted goal of only around 46.000 euros, the percentage of success is now over 2.200 - and the campaign is still running for almost four weeks.

Within 17 minutes, the actors had already been able to bring the crowdfunding to the financing goal. The popularity of the "Tolarian Community College" may have helped: the YouTube channel, which has been presenting Magic the Gathering products for eight years, has around 680.000 subscribers. That of all things “The Professor” is involved in it, one of its own Bringing Deck Box to market, is therefore hardly surprising.


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