Ravensburger's entry into the crowdfunding platform Gamefound should bear fruit: the two players are looking for the "next big family game" together. How is this supposed to work? Comparatively simple: game designers from all over the world can apply with their ideas. 

Ravensburger had already invested four million euros in the Polish start-up Gamefound at the beginning of the year. The international crowdfunding platform for board games is the first start-up company in which Ravensburger has invested as part of its new innovation and investment program "Next Ventures".

Crowdfunding for the best ideas

Together with the crowdfunding platform Gamefound, which specializes in board games, Ravensburger is looking for the next hit game. "From November 15th to December 27th, 2022, game designers from all over the world can submit their ideas for "The Next Big Family Game"," announced the Ravensburger publishing house.

In the end, the authors of the three most promising game ideas can publish them as a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. The game with the most supporters will then be published by Ravensburger with a guaranteed circulation of 10.000. 

According to Ravensburger, it is looking for a family game for "at least two to four players aged seven or eight years and older". A game should last a maximum of 60 minutes and the rules should not cover more than six pages. And it should be based on the Ravensburger brand values.

All interested game designers can take part, provided they are at least 18 years old, as well as start-ups and small publishers. All important details can be found on the corresponding landing page. The first step is to fill out a participation form with relevant information about the game.

And then? According to the publisher, a jury of game experts will then decide which game ideas are among the three most promising. The respective authors can then publish these as a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. The funding target will be 30.000 euros.

Gamefound will support the authors in creating the crowdfunding campaign as well as in marketing. Ravensburger advises on gameplay. Whoever achieves the goal and also wins the most backers, i.e. supporters, for their idea, their game will be published in 2024. First from the author via Gamefound as an exclusive version for the backers, then from Ravensburger as a basic version with a guaranteed circulation of 10.000 including a share of the net sales. 

All submissions from November 15 to December 27, 2022 will be considered.

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