Minecraft Dungeons turns out to be the usual angular, extremely entertaining mix of Minecraft and Diablo. The shallow Slay'n Loot game is fun, offers beginners a chance to get to know the genre, but also has some interesting mechanics that should motivate even connoisseurs to experiment. There are countless gameplay elements that the new dungeon crawler is silent about. We'll reveal helpful tips and tricks for Minecraft Dungeons that will make getting started with the game much easier and help you to develop the true potential of the blocky Hack'n Slay.

Anyone who starts Minecraft Dungeons for the first time, has the simple - basically nonexistent - character creation behind them and plunges into an adventure, will not be overwhelmed by complexity. A roll forward, an attack button and the bottomless healing bottle are available, that's it. That is easily enough for the first waves of opponents, but could be dull in the long run - and then the creepers drop the first pieces of equipment.
That's when Minecraft Dungeons begins to show its strengths. Step by step, players get their weapons, armor and artifacts and, with their level-ups, unlock enchantment points with which the character can be tuned.

Equipment: Don't just look at the numbers!

Weapons and armor drop non-stop at Minecraft Dungeons. Each item has its own level. Each higher this is, the better the item is: at least one could assume that. In practice, however, a completely different picture emerges. Just because an item has a higher strength rating or increases life doesn't mean it is better.

Much more important are the enchantments set for the item, which decide whether an item fits the play style and build. The number of enchantment slots also varies. A lower level item can therefore have more slots than a higher level item.

Minecraft Dungeons: Enchantments are core elements

Minecraft Dungeons is all about enchantments. They are essential elements when it comes to aligning your character's play style. Therefore, always keep an eye on the enchantments in two ways: on the one hand, you should keep in mind which enchantments you are currently using, and on the other hand, which new enchantments have weapons and armor pieces found. This seems self-evident, but is especially important in those situations where decisions have to be made.

Enchantments are essential elements and determine the style of play. Image rights: Mojang

Enchantments are essential elements and determine the style of play. Image rights: Mojang

Those who prefer close combat, for example, are better off at the start of the game if they rely on enchantments that can grant fire dots or stun opponents. Enchantments that affect the archery are more of a second choice. This is especially important because enchantments add up in Minecraft: If you use two identical enchantments that correspond to your play style, you can double or even multiply the effects.

With weapons found that could potentially be used, players must decide whether to recycle their old equipment for them. This is not absolutely necessary, items could simply be kept, but not offered. For one reason: When you recycle you not only get back emeralds - the main currency in Minecraft dungeons - but also the enchantment points you invested. In the worst case, you can weaken your character because you accidentally give up synergies, for example, in the ideal case you give your character a significant damage boost.

... and still collecting sometimes makes sense

Even if you should always recycle items that are not needed, it is extremely useful to save some items in order to be able to react to different game situations. You should always have around two to three weapons with different enchantments in your inventory as a reserve.

It is worth exploring the maps: boxes and emeralds are waiting everywhere. Image rights: Mojang

It is worth exploring the maps: boxes and emeralds are waiting everywhere. Image rights: Mojang

You don't have to overdo it with the collection, even if the inventory offers space for it. Chests, enemies and the "salvaging" are the sources from which you get emeralds and especially recycling is very productive. On the one hand, a comparatively large number of items drop, on the other hand, rare items also grant more gems. So if you are sure that you will never use a high level item - maybe because it doesn't suit your play style - take it apart.

You can't really have too many emeralds anyway: you buy with them from dealers in order to get a wide variety of things. A good, if monotonous, way to farm gems is to play through lower levels over and over again. It's easy, quick, but yields good amounts of emeralds. In this case, you will not be showered with the currency, but you can ensure a steady flow of emeralds.

Minecraft dungeons tips: repeat levels!

It has already been mentioned: Playing levels again can be worthwhile. In fact, repetition is one of the basic game mechanics of Minecraft Dungeons. Levels can also be played again in harder degrees of difficulty and thus bring in equipment and artifacts.

The choice of the level of difficulty becomes particularly important if you don't want to get stuck on your current strength level. Even if the jumps are sometimes a bit too high, an animal above your own power level can be done without any problems, and provides stronger and not equally strong equipment. Nevertheless: You shouldn't run blindly into ruin, higher levels are sometimes too demanding for that.

Levels can be repeated in Minecraft Dungeons in different degrees of difficulty - players should use this. Image rights: Mojang

Levels can be repeated in Minecraft Dungeons in different degrees of difficulty - players should use this. Image rights: Mojang

In each level, however, the following applies: Explore the game environment. The way to the goal of the quest is often straightforward, and it is worthwhile to hike the maps to the furthest corners. It is not uncommon to find boxes or entrances to dungeons in which not only experience points but many items are waiting for the hero. Finding secret entrances is also a lot of fun - and you can get emeralds that way too.

Above all, the boxes are worthwhile, because that's what the individual levels of Minecraft Dungeons are all about. The boxes are sometimes hidden, but there is a trick to find them. If you are attentive, you can hear a kind of hum that gets louder the closer you get to a box.

Spoiled for choice: Artifacts provide power

In addition to items and enchantments, it is the artifacts that make up a character's play style. From rocket launch to creature summons, there are plenty of powerful, sometimes wacky artifacts. At the beginning you will probably rarely use the special skills that are granted to the hero because enemies fall over quickly.

The artifacts then unfold their true power against more powerful enemies: You should use them whenever you are faced with a superior force. It is therefore extremely useful to incorporate the artifacts into the rotation at the beginning of the game, so that the use becomes an automatism. Having to look for buttons on the gamepad in the sometimes hectic mass fights can be fatal. If the artifacts are activated, it is important to keep their cooldown in the back of your mind - if they have one.

Artifact is not without artifact. The three slots can best be equipped with those relics that correspond to the style of play. While some items are ideal for crowd controlling, others cause enormous area damage.

ACDC already knew "TNT, watch me explode". The explosive blocks should be used cleverly. Image rights: Mojang

"TNT, watch me explode", ACDC already knew. The explosive blocks should be used wisely. Image copyright: Mojang

Incidentally, TNT also takes care of the latter, which is found regularly and should also be used. The explosive blocks cause a lot of AoE damage, so hordes of enemies can be minimized quickly. Important to know: You can also wear several TNT blocks at the same time!

Note the kill order

There are different types of opponents in Minecraft Dungeons. Some are more dangerous than others. Enchanters in particular can be annoying, although they do not attack themselves, but can buff other mobs and thus strengthen them enormously. It therefore makes sense to eliminate the enemies first, then take care of the ranged fighters and take care of the melee fighters last. The easiest way to avoid them is to avoid them. By the way: If an enchanter is eliminated, the opponent's buff also disappears.

Spend emeralds: You can go on a shopping tour with the gemstones at dealers. Image rights: Mojang

Spend emeralds: You can go on a shopping tour with the gemstones at dealers. Image rights: Mojang

Anyway, different fighting styles should be mixed in Minecraft Dungeons. Specializing in a single type of attack is not very promising and sometimes inefficient. So mix melee and range attacks to speed up battles.

So you can eliminate the first opponents from afar and finish off the remaining ones in close combat. Opponents also have different strengths and weaknesses and are susceptible to some attacks. Creepers, for example, are best simply "snipped away".

Use healing objects sensibly

The hero gets damage sooner or later in any case, sometimes even properly - especially in higher levels of difficulty. A sip from the bottomless bottle restores a large chunk of life, but is subject to a cooldown. The bottle is not always ready when the life points are falling rapidly. Players can then help themselves in other ways.

Everywhere in the game world there are animals, including sheep and cows, which can drop healing items after they die. The chance that the animals will drop helpful items is far from 100 percent, but it is worth firing aimed shots.

If you follow a few simple tips and tricks in Minecraft Dungeons, you can take a relaxed stroll through some of the challenges. Higher levels of difficulty remain demanding for beginners in the genre, because sometimes a "good movement" is required. The same applies to this dungeon crawler: practice makes perfect.

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