The seemingly endless selection of game options of “Madden NFL 21” makes a guide for beginners and veterans of the simulation game almost indispensable. Using simple tips, game-relevant values ​​such as game statistics and pass numbers can be reliably improved. American football fans are thus perfectly equipped for the current season of Madden NFL 21. Our guide offers you a solid basis for this. Included are tips on “Face of the Franchise”, “X-Factor” and “Superstar Skills” up to “The Yard”: Let us coach you!

The simulation game Madden NFL by Electronic Arts, named after the famous football coach John Madden, has been modeled on the American National Football League. The video game first appeared in 1988 and has been very popular with its fans ever since. Madden NFL 21 came out with brand new game mechanics and football stars in the games market and is on the Next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X playable.

Madden NFL 21 features a few changes

A particularly noticeable change for Madden NFL 21 is the reassignment of the control commands on the Skill Stick. In addition, the football game comes to you on the couch at home with brand new pass rush moves. Players should familiarize themselves with both of these innovations before the first few yards. Moves like the Edge Rusher or Defensive Linemen are more successful than ever in the new version of the simulation game in order to earn a safe path to quarterback. Regardless of which side of the field, yards and inches will only succeed if players can use the Madden NFL 21 controls effectively and practice, practice and practice again!

New Madden NFL 21 tax filings and moves must be practiced

In addition, Madden veterans know that, depending on the position chosen, different strategies and moves must be used, for which safety in the operation of the skill stick is a prerequisite. Pass rushers should concentrate on swins and speed rushes, while defensive tacklers should concentrate more on club or bull rush movements. Basically, the moves should be adapted to the current events on the field, but said football moves can help the player to effectively assert himself against the opposing linemen.

Madden 21 players should familiarize themselves with the controller's new keyboard layout. This is the only way to ensure that the football moves succeed. Image: Electronic Arts

Madden 21 players should familiarize themselves with the controller's new keyboard layout. This is the only way to ensure that the football moves succeed. Image: Electronic Arts

The new assignment of the skill stick looks like this:

  • Bull Rush: Right stick down
  • Club | Swim: right stick to the left | right
  • Contain: LT and L2
  • Rip: Right stick up
  • Speed ​​Rush: RT and R2
  • Swat: Y and triangle
  • Switch Player: B and circle
Madden NFL 21 brings freestyle to the field with The Yard

The evaluation of the moves and their execution is completely different than usual at the Yard: The game is played in 6 vs. 6 mode, with the players playing both offense and defense. A game has three drives per NFL team. However, all of The Yard's in-game character builds should be thoroughly tested beforehand. Because every prototype brings unique basic skills with it, which are gradually improved through advancement in the game. It is important for players to remember to train a variety of different prototypes on The Yard's field.

Just as it is known from other video games in which a team is to be led to victory, different hero skills are required for a successful game in Madden NFL 21. Eleven similarly skilled quarterbacks do not lead to success. You can choose from a wide range of trainable NFL players before each round in The Yard.

Getting the mix of NFL players right is what counts at The Yard

Unlike usual, there are no field goals at The Yard and the points after touchdown depend on the distance played. Touchdowns with a distance of 40 yards, interceptions, touchdown plays with a back pass and one-timer are rewarded by the simulation game with extra points. Fumbles are excluded.

Points after touchdown bring the Madden team one to three bonus points, depending on the distance thrown from the 5-, 10-, or 20-yard line. Successfully played interceptions and touchdowns over 40 yards earn a bonus point.

It's all in the mix on "The Yard". Picture: Spielpunkt

It's all in the mix on “The Yard”. Picture: Spielpunkt

Touchdown plays with back passes and one-timer result in two bonus points. As always, touchdowns are worth six points. Thus, a perfect play in The Yard would provide up to 13 points. The line of scrimmage, behind which the quarterback can only pass the football forward, can also be passed backwards at The Yard and snaps, the transfer of the ball from the center to the quarterback, can be made to any player. It is also important to observe the field's own rules, which change depending on the football field selected.

Face of the Franchise: NFL career with three possible positions

In Face of the Franchise, players become a part of Madden NFL 21. They begin their football career in college and work their way up to become NFL players. But instead of taking on the role of quarterback as usual, the players in the current football simulation can choose from three possible positions on the field. The halfback and the wide receiver are added as possible player roles. But first you have to play through the strands of history as a quarterback.

Madden NFL 21 with X-Factor and Superstar skills

Once you have reached the Pro League of football, you should secure your career with the 50 possible NFL players with X-Factor Ability. Their special and passive buffs must be unlocked through successful moves and the associated sporting tasks. Superstar abilities are further special abilities that are active from the start and for which X-factors are unlocked.

An example for the activation of an X-Factor would be the following: You want to activate the X-Factor-Ability “Pro Reads”, which leads to the effect: “Highlight the first free receiver while you are standing in your pocket. Also ignores the defensive pressure in the pocket ”leads. The X-Factor belongs to players Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.


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The condition for activation is: “Three consecutive completed passes in a row with more than 5 yards in the air.”, With the knockout condition: “One sack.”. Recommended players with X-Factor and exciting superstar abilities are the superbowl star Patrick Mahomes, Tom “Terrific” Brady as well as “Breesus” Drew Brees, Lamar Jackson and “Mr. Unlimited ”Russell Wilson.

Patrick Mahomes

    • X-Factor Ability: Bazooka
    • Superstar Ability: Escape Artist, Dashing Deadeye, Red Zone Deadeye, No-Look Deadeye, Comeback

Tom Brady

    • X-Factor Ability: Pro Reads
    • Superstar Ability: Fearless, Hot Route Master, Set Feet Lead, Conductor, Clutch

Drew Brees

    • X-Factor Ability: Pro Reads
    • Superstar Ability: Fearless, Red Zone Deadeye, Lofting Deadeye, Indoor Baller, Safety Valve

Lamar jackson

    • X-Factor Ability: Truzz
    • Superstar Ability: Escape Artist, Quick Draw, Fastbreak, Tight Out, Juke Box

Russell Wilson

    • X-Factor Ability: Lightning Radar
    • Superstar Ability: Escape Artist, Gutsy Scrambler, Clutch, Agile Extender, Long Range Deadeye,
Madden Ultimate Team Mode: Collecting, Training and PvP

The Ultimate Team mode offers simulation players everything a footballer's heart desires: from coin rewards for Madden Ultimate Team and solo challenges to head-to-head mode and player drafts. First of all, it is advisable to earn a larger amount of coins through team challenges.

Here the players have to play moves and achieve a predetermined result in the meantime. This fills up the player account with coins and the career level increases automatically. Later, the solo challenges are particularly worthwhile to internalize the innovations of Madden NFL 21. Before you head to the field in the head-to-head competition against other players, you should definitely draft your football team in a balanced way. In competitions, it is advisable to only compete against teams that are equal.

As in the analog game, Madden 21 players need training to compete in the head-to-head competitions. Picture: Spielpunkt

As in the analog game, Madden 21 players need training to compete in the head-to-head competitions. Picture: Spielpunkt

We have already introduced a few superstars of the football simulation, but players should not only pay attention to the possible super skills when drafting, rather the entire team should consist of approximately equally good and few star players, so that the playful quality of the football Teams throughout the game.

Such a draft can be an advantage over other players: Far too often, too many NFL stars are selected and the rest of the Madden team is replenished with less effective NFL players. At the latest, when a star has to be replaced during the tournament, which will inevitably be the case with Madden NFL 21, this wrong decision affects the entire performance of the team and the head-to-head becomes a complete defeat.

Don't give the pill away and practice makes perfect

In some moments, players can guess that a throw or pass rush will go wrong. Before you throw the football to your opponent, keep calm, press the right stick and throw the ball away. Madden NFL 21 and all of its predecessors are complex sports games that cannot be played without training.

Just like in an analog football game, inexperienced players will initially suffer a few defeats. In these times it is important to stay tuned! To better understand how Madden NFL 21 works, consider the Skills trainer, especially to develop defensive skills. Even if the direct access to the online duel is appealing, a competition without preparation can turn into an exhilarating experience.


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