Asmodee is involved everywhere in an entrepreneurial and playful way. Above all, Asmodee Digital is putting tried and tested board and card games in a new guise in order to open up new target groups by upgrading successful parlor games. In the past, this has mostly been successful: board game gems such as Splendor, Ticket to Ride or Mysterium appeared as entertaining digital offshoots. 

In rare cases the software versions surpass their templates by far. A good example could be the recently released role card game Pathfinder adventures for which Asmodee Digital owns the distribution rights. The game developed by Obsidian Entertainment is available as a mobile game for Android and Apple's iOS as well as for the PC, where it runs on the Steam gaming platform.

We have the RPG TCG crossover Pathfinder adventures and report in detail in the following game test about our impressions of the digital version.

Asmodee Digital brings Pathfinder Adventures to the PC

Already appeared in autumn 2016 Pathfinder adventures for mobile devices (Android and iOS). Since June 2017, PC fans have also been able to earn their time with virtual cards and dice. The video game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, a US studio that has been providing high-quality games since 2003. Games like the excellent Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords or the role-playing games Neverwinter Nights 2 as well as Pillars of Eternity come from the Californians. With the softening of the card game Pathfinder adventures Obsidian Entertainment remains true to the role-playing segment, but is breaking new ground with the conception of the gameplay mechanics. 

Game test: Pathfinder Adventures by Asmodee Digital

Currently, there are virtual card games like Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls: Legends or Gwent right on trend and inspire millions of players worldwide. In contrast to the titles mentioned, stands at Pathfinder adventures but the classic role-playing game. If you summarize the concept in one sentence, then is Pathfinder adventures a role card game in which the aim is to improve your characters and collect loot in order to defeat countless enemies and uncover the secrets of the story as the game progresses.

The strategic component is implemented excellently in the softening. The further a player in the world of Pathfinder adventures As you progress, the more variable the possibilities of adapting your deck of cards to your own wishes become. Little by little, we were able to develop our own style during our gaming test. Not only is it a lot of fun, it is also extremely motivating. Pathfinder adventures is not a game for an afternoon. On the contrary: You can occupy yourself with the content all night - and DLCs (Downloadable Contents) extend the fun of the game even further. 

What is Pathfinder Adventures anyway?

Pathfinder adventures is not just a household name for die-hard role-players, but is also considered a better alternative to outdated D&D in the pen-and-paper scene. The card game is just one of many different products in the PnP universe and is based on the D20 rules. The fact that the game world is finding its way on smartphones and tablets - as well as on the PC - is no surprise, but a consistent further development of a strong brand. 

The basic concept of Pathfinder adventures is comparatively simple, but on closer inspection it turns out to be a real diamond in the rough among the strategic role card games. 

Choices exist not only in the composition of the cards, but also in the selection of the heroes. At the beginning of the game, players start with a group of two heroes, which can be expanded to include additional characters during the course of the game. Up to six heroes can be gathered in a party to make life difficult for nasty monsters and cultists. New heroes can be bought with the currency earned. The highlight: Each hero carries his own deck of cards with him, which consists of different components. Including weapons, armor, henchmen or buffs. What defines role-playing characters comes with Pathfinder adventures Not too short: every hero has his own individual character values, which determine his type of dice and provide bonuses on dice rolls. This simple trick provides a lot of variety and forces players to come up with a suitable game strategy. The character development is at Pathfinder adventures not a cosmetic goodie, but an essential part of the gaming experience.

In the game modes, scenarios and random games are available. In each adventure there are several places waiting for the hero's troop to visit. The following rule applies: There are always two more places than there are heroes in the group. Each of the locations has its own mini-set of rules, so that there is also variety in this area.

Whether you as a player decide on a scenario or a random game has no influence from a purely playful point of view. That it is with Pathfinder adventures The implementation of a table card game is particularly noticeable in the basic game play mechanics. A train always consists of a fixed sequence. As an active player you first turn over a card from the so-called adventure pile. The game action is different depending on the card type that is revealed, but it is always related to a die roll. For example, if you have discovered an armament card and would like to take it in hand, the dice decide whether this project will succeed.

The more important the revealed card appears for your own game strategy, the more carefully considered the decision should be made as to whether you use existing cards to reinforce the results of the dice. Even other heroes can intervene to help and assist the player with blessings or spells.

Monsterkloppe: Let the cube be my sword

Of course, there are not only useful equipment in the adventure pile, but also monsters and nasty traps. As usual, both must be defeated by rolling the dice, with bonuses through the use of cards from hand improving the chances of victory. Of course, the group members can also give the active hero a helping hand in combat situations.  

As is usual in many role-playing card games, the hero's card stacks act as life points. If a character's stack is empty and he still has to draw cards, he is eliminated from the game as wounded. Constantly taking damage points is therefore not a smart decision - sometimes a game round ends faster than you can call "chain armor" if you don't get lucky with the dice.

Game test: Pathfinder Adventures by Asmodee Digital

In addition, a game round ends if you fail to nail down the villain within the given number of rounds. 

You win if you defeat the nasty Obermotz of a place. This is achieved by rolling the dice, but has the special feature that closing a location is subject to special conditions (e.g. a successful strength roll). 

Won games expand the card repertoire, so that new strategic possibilities arise in the course of the game. That is incredibly motivating!

STOCK CLEARANCE: Pink Cubes, Yellow Cubes, Brown Cubes

You can shop extensively in the store for the gold you earn. In addition to characters and improvements, shopkeepers lure their customers with regular offers, including cubes in the wildest colors. The treasure chests each contain four cards, among which there is at least one rare card. This randomized system is known from competitive games.

It pays to visit the shop regularly to keep an eye out for virtual bargains. Pathfinder adventures convinces even with this "edge content", which can have a decisive influence on the gameplay - after all, there are also strong pieces of equipment available in the shop.

You can earn extra gold through so-called challenges that change regularly. There are around three daily tasks to complete to get 500 gold. Or you support other characters 15 times with the help of blessings.

Instead of the Free2Play system of the mobile versions, PC players include full access to the latest content. These include numerous heroes and the new DLC "Rise of the Goblins" with the following expansions:

  • 5 new scenarios
  • 11 goblin versions of the heroes
  • 2 goblin characters
  • a goblin dice set
  • 40 cards

Who before buying in Pathfinder adventures feel free to use the mobile version for free. The full range is available for the PC at a fair price of 22,99 euros.

Great presentation: graphics and sound

The graphic framework fits. Backgrounds, card images and heroes are nicely drawn and create a mix of real card games and digital implementation. The graphic captures the medieval theme in an atmospheric way. What goes well with the atmosphere is also the pleasant, doodle-like background music.

Visually, the softening of the table version has a lot ahead of it anyway. The clear structure of the game environment is ideal for quickly immersing yourself in the action. As a player, you can see important information immediately - without a long search. Soft animations ensure a calm, unexcited setting.

Also practical in the possibility of synchronizing the mobile version with the Steam version. So you can easily switch between home and on-the-go games without having to start over again. 

Pathfinder Adventures media


Number of players: 1
Age: 12
Playing time: 30+ hours
Difficulty: medium
Long-term motivation: medium to high

Publisher: Asmodee Digital
Developer: Asmodee Digital
Year of publication: 2017 
Platforms: PC
Language: English
Cost: 23 Euro


It is rare that the digital version of a board game is better than the original. In case of Pathfinder adventures Obsidian Entertainment has certainly done an excellent job and perfectly captures the mood of the table version. The Steam version of Pathfinder adventures not just equal, but simply superior. The whole thing is garnished with great sound and pretty animations.

Is playful Pathfinder adventures a festival for role card players who like to tinker with their decks to get the most out of a group of heroes. It is important to skillfully use the heroes' abilities and to constantly level up the characters. The digital version is anything but undemanding. The heroes' stacks of cards are often tight, so it is not uncommon for you to lose a character. Even the size of the group of heroes needs to be chosen wisely, because more heroes do not always promise better chances of victory. Above all, dealing with a full group has to be learned.

As a player, you are constantly looking for the right balance between a successful win and a quick finish. If you close places prematurely, you leave valuable loot behind. On the other hand, if you stay long, you may risk defeat.

There is a slight P&P feeling when you look closely Pathfinder adventures employed.

Because of the noticeable luck factor that is immanent in a dice system, the smack of cheating remains if you do not achieve a low dice value despite the best conditions. This sometimes feels "fake" because the virtual environment lacks the control function - however, the probability regularly provides incredible surprises even in real table games.  

Overall has Pathfinder adventures During the games as part of our game test it was shown to be a motivating and demanding deck building game that cannot be ignored for role-players due to the lack of alternatives. For the evaluation, this means 4 out of 5 points and a well-deserved silver award for strategic depth.