Game studio is available for Nintendo Switch. In humorous, interactive lessons, players are given the tools to create their own video games. If you want to try the title first, you can do so with a demo available free of charge in the Nintendo E-Shop. 

A good idea and game studio for Nintendo Switch - that's all it takes to create your own games. And the best thing about it: prior knowledge is not required! The title, available exclusively from Nintendo eShop for 29,99 euros, teaches the basics of programming logic in interactive lessons - and enables gamers to create their own games.

First create games - and then share

These games can then be shared with friends and family members. How this works and what future game developers can expect is shown in the trailer A detailed look at the game studio on Nintendo's official German-language YouTube channel:


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The players receive active support in creating their creations from the Knotixen. Dozens of the clever little guys cavort in the game studio - each with its own personality and a certain function. And it is not uncommon for you to ask yourself whether the function has led to personality - or whether it is the same prerequisite for the function. For example the Knotix again, who always looks a little regretfully into the past and wishes to be able to do everything differently again.

These traits convey the functions of the Knotixe in an intuitive way and at the same time the basics of the programming logic. Because by connecting the little character heads in different ways, players create their own game elements. For example, if you link the Stick-Knotix with the Mannchen-Knotix, you will receive a pawn and can move it with the help of a stick.
The game genres that can be created in the game studio are just as diverse as the cuddly Knotixe: Classic 2D platformer runs are just as possible as fast-paced kart races, dynamic space action games and much more!

Those who are particularly proud of their creations can share them with friends and family via the Internet or via the console's local connection. In addition, the games can be tried out by other developers. All you need is internet access, a Nintendo Account and paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online.
And if you can't wait to create your first game, you can download a free demo version from Spielestudio. In the trial version, players create a fun two-player catch game in Lesson 1: Wild Hunt - and thus get a first glimpse into the versatile possibilities of the game.


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